Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kinnavieve's New Gear

Hi everyone.

Well, I was a little nervous about Outland, and it is tough. The monsters here are definitely tougher than the ones in EPL or Winterspring, and Judgements don't seem as powerful as a couple of days ago. Even so, I've been making good progress beating back the fel orcs and demons around Honor Hold, and the good people there have been very generous in providing me new gear. I've already replaced my weapon and most of my armor.

But I want to be absolutely clear: no matter what Ratters may say, that is NOT a nipple chain! Some piece of druidflesh says to himself "I waaants it", that's between him and his hormones, but if he grabs hold and pulls me in for some lip-to-lip action, ima gonna break his jaw. Just so everyone's clear on that.

That said, I do like having armor that, well, looks like armor, instead of something outta Victoria's Secret Armory. At least for a while...


Kayla said...

I went to Outland with my partner. For a while we were wearing what was supposed to be matching armour. On him it looked like armour, on me.... well, I swear there are bikinis that provide more coverage. Just hope any fel orc is stupid enough to keep hitting me on the covered bits only!

Bell said...

Wait until you get the Murkblood pieces, m'dear.