Thursday, July 31, 2008

They's Still Out There

One Google search what often brings buggers to this here blog is "gnome porn." I ain't sure what them buggers is looking for, but what they get is this. Remember that day? That were a fine day. And some of them little hard-running easy-dieing racers? They's still out there, killing mobs and clawing they's way up the leveling ladder.So, last night's raid done got canceled, and so I go off to farm me some motes of shadow fer me Shadow Resist gear. But pretty soon I's thinking if I gotta kill one more of them voidwalkers I's gonna go stark befreakin' loony. 'Bout then I get a whisper from Gnomnclature the racer from Team Game Dame, informing me that yay! she has a demon pony now. So I sez Hey! Think that pony could get you all the way to the Scarlet Monastery? And she sez Ya, I think! so off we wents.

Now, I's run through the old SM so many times I can do it in me sleep. I can do it while catching up on me blog readings. I can do it starkers. But I ain't never done it as a priest before. Took a bit of practice figgering out how ta kill them Scarlet buggers withouts going oom every other fight. No AoE attack, or even a multi-target attack like cleave, fer shadow priests. But I eventually settled on a Naughty Touch and Face Smelting routine, interspersed with some wanding and Floppy Shadow tanking.

And when the dust settled, we were victorious. Bosses were dead, experience was gained, and little Gnomnclature got teh hat. Way, way more fun than killing 500 more voidwalkers.


Anonymous said...

Floppy Shadow tanking ftw!

I do agree even though you might need it for gear sometimes you need a break from grinding. Grinding honor for my druid has taken some time but occasionally I just hop on my Shaman for a break to level

Wildhermit said...

I get bored often...

I often run lowbie instances and beg guildies to come. Sometimes they bite sometimes they don't.

Other times... I may just visit other servers and mingle with the locals :)

Anonymous said...

Blizzard should consult you for renaming spells -- you're far more accurate and amusing! For the record, little Gnomy only died when we were fighting Herod because I think that pervert just had it warm for her form. Bastidge.

Trollin' said...

The hat.... THE HAT!!!!

I love SM.

Capn John said...

Don't we get an AOE spell that does damage to foes and heals our party at the same time? Aah, that would be Holy Nova, but you need 11 points in the Holy Tree.

And you can't cast Holy Nova while you're in Meltyface Form :(