Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is Bon Voyagizations Fer Kirk What Needs a Nickname

Just found out (I's slow, been away from me computer past few days) what Kirk, the creator of Priestly Endeavors, be hanging up his spurs. Kirk were one of the pioneers of this here WoW blogosphere, and I's gonna miss having him around. Back when I were learning ta tank fer me guild last summer, long before I ever imagined me working as a priest, priest blogs were real important ta me, 'cause I were wanting ta learn what me friend Zinzi were up to back there, so's we could be a better team. And Kirk's blog were real helpfuls in this. Even if he did lack a catchy nickname.

And I ain't never gonna ferget the first conversation I hads with Kirk, almost exactlies a year ago. Were in the comments of a post by teh Squeakie Priest on the usefulnesses of having yer priest get nekkid in Shadow Lab. I of course is all in favor of this strat, and in fact Zinzi and I did use a variant on this the last time we did SLab. But I digressifies. Conversation went like:

Rat: blah blah if you read this Zin be sure to file it away for future reference! blah blah blah...
Kirk: as in Zingiber? on Undermine?
Rat: Naw, different Zin. Mine's got tusks and bigger feet.
Kirk: *snerk* ok

Best of lucks to ya, Kirk. And enjoys yer new funs!

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