Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ready Fer Black Temple

So, me guild is going to knock on Mister "I Haz Warglaives" Illidan's front door tonight and say hello ta Hyper Warlord Naj. And the word from the sqeaky one herself is:

"make sure you have at least 8.5K HPs unbuffed for this fight, it is MANDATORY"

Now, if I were runnin' as meself, 'stead of in me squishy dwarf costume, that'd be nuthin'. Fuhg, I's almost there starkers. But I'm priesting it, so is a little tougher. But. A little PvP gear, some fortitudifying enchants, back to the staff 'stead of the one-hander, and looky there. I makes the mandatory.

EDIT FOR GREAT CLARIFICATIONS: Is 8501 health in the completely unbuffified. No fort, no fed, no nuthin'.


Meghandra said...

make sure you use your bubble before they throw to spine to break his bubble...your healers will love you as it makes getting you back to full health easier :)

Bell said...

tell your druids to barkskin!

Verolia said...


when you see the bubble on naj make sure you throw your PW:Shield... it could save your life because right after that happens youll be low on HP for a little bit since your not a priority to be healed.

VE really helps in this situation and good luck!

Seper said...


If that is raid buffed you wont live.

You should have 8500 non raid buffed.

Make sure to use stam food, pvp gear.


Anonymous said...

Why no checks beside what I assume is the kara ring, wand, and your trinkets?

Ratshag said...

@Meg - makes sense. Thankee

@Bell - Fegh. They's on they's own.

@Vero - VE, ya, makes sense too. Thankee

@seper - that's 8501 with no buffs.

@Sonvar - is just them items don't get swapped when I switches from high health to max dps gear, is all.

Pike said...


*waves flag*