Monday, July 7, 2008

Fuhggin' RL Avatar Been Mischiefing

Apparentlies me RL avatar been running around, granting unauthorized interviews and talking like he's the real one and I's fictional-like. Sigh. I's gonna have to punish the bugger, make him do a rep grind to exalted with, I dunno, Toyota or Kentucky or sumthin'.

Anywho, I can't give ya the exact details, 'cause I's in the past writing in the future, but is maybe gonna be over at the Twisted Nether Blogcast. Feels free ta do, I dunno, whatevers.


Anonymous said...

Ratshag can do time travel beyond visiting noob Thrall, his fellow orcs first coming in, and watching Archie try to destroy the world?

Your RL avatar is so screwed

Armond said...

I have never missed the ability to listen to TN more. I want my laptop back you son of a bitch. (/Princess Bride reference)

Anonymous said...

WOW Twisted nether gets mentions wow insider and now your famous.

Great Scott!!


Dezdemone said...

It was a great interview and it was nice to "meet" the RL avatar ;P

Anonymous said...

Yeah, go teach him a lesson for stepping out of line!

Remember he likes red...hmmm...well you know what.

Townes said...

Amazing the way you do the human accent!