Saturday, July 12, 2008

Is Where Palintera Needs Ta Breathe


It all started the other night, when things went bad between me and my friend Feral, and then things just went bad all together. And for a few days I hid from the world, feeling sorry for myself. And then one morning I checked my mail, and there was a letter from Feral.

Oh my goddess.

What would it say? I mean, I really had no idea. She could be wanting to know if I was okay, which would be nice, but maybe she was upset with me for running off like I did. Maybe she was telling me that she'd run off with that hussy Teej. Maybe she'd been talking to my mother, and telling her that being a druid wasn't all about eating granola before dawn and singing in the woods and being pure and upright citizens of Kalimdor. Oh no, oh no, oh no, this was going to be bad, I just knew it.

My hands shaking, my teeth nervously chewing my lower lip, I opened the letter. Just two words: "I'm sorry." And roses! Twelve of them! Oh my goddess - she still loves me! It's going to be all right!
I gottagottagotta find her, and tell her that I'm sorry too, and that I want things to be like they were before. But, where is she? I ran to the Aldor Rise, where her hearthstone points, but she wasn't there.
So, I kept looking. I went to Darnassus, and the Exodar, and Stormwind, and even Booty Bay. Anywhere I could think of where she and I have gone on our adventures. But she wasn't anywhere. And I was really starting to get worried that something had happened to her...

But! Last night, there she was on the guild channel!

"Hi Pali."


"I have something for you."

"You do?"



"Um. Was in Ashenvale. Then the Barrens."


"And then Thousand Needles, and then the Shimmering Flats."


"And you need to breathe."


And then there she was, running across the terrace towards me, and I launched myself at her and hugged her and hugged her and didn't wanna let go ever, but I did eventually. Because, well, we both needed to breathe, and oxygen was becoming an issue. And then she showed me why she'd been at the Shimmering Flats...

Oh, my. A delicious chocolate cake, well that just made me very happy. And strawberry ice cream??!? I just- just- just- It's my favorite flavor! And she ran past all those hyenas and scorpions and basilisks just to get it for me? Feral's tough and all, but, she was only in her twenty-second season. Wow.

I tried to explain to her what had happened that terrible night, and how I'd been so lost and confused that I wasn't being careful and, well, you know, but I just couldn't get the words out, and so I ended up just telling her that I was so glad she was back. And she hugged me again and said she understood, and that she was glad I was back too.

By this point some 70s were starting to stare at us, as if they were hoping we'd dance naked on the mailbox for them or something, the pervs, so we got out of Shattrath and went to Ashenvale, where we could share some ice cream in peace. Oh, wow, was it yummy.

And then we went and did some quests because while, yes, we're druids and we're supposed to live in harmony with the universe and all, that doesn't mean we can't kill things for the reward. I mean, that'd be boring! (But, umm, please don't tell my mother I said that - she's kind of old-fashioned.) So we killed wolves and murlocs and nagas and bunnies. Well, okay, nobody was paying for the bunnies, but 'licious does like to moonfire them because, well, that's just the way she is.

And then we went on a quest to find the parts of a magic rod which could turn you into a Furblog. Wow! It was pretty neat - we both had fun trying it out when we got it. Ha! Can you tell which of us is which?
Unfortunately, the effect only lasted three minutes per charge, so even though we were having all kinds of fun there just wasn't time for 'licious to- uh... umm... to...


Be a Furblog for four minutes?



And then we were real good and finished our quests and both reached our twenty-fourth seasons and went back to Moonglade to sleep under our own separate trees. All night. Sound asleep.

My mother's going to see this I just know it.....


Bell said...

My tree looked strangely like an underwater lake...

Chaninn said...

YaY! They found each other again, sooo cool. :)

Armond said...

@Bell - Aquatic form goodness? Maybe you sould start a feral blog named 4kinkz.

Bell said...

@armond - no idea what you're implying there, sir. Own. Seperate. Trees.

Just like Pali's mom wants.