Sunday, July 20, 2008

Popping Me Healing Cherry

Had me quite a day Saturday. Ran into me old friend Tantria, who were pushing ta finallies get them last few steps ta 70 taken care of. Now, she been chasing me fer a long, long time, and is good ta see her about ta finally about ta catch me. So we spent the morning killing ogres in Nagrand and Blades Edge, and when I left she were up a half a season. Go, go you goo!

So, laters in the day I'm killing the daily infestation of demons out Sunwell way, when one of me guildies asks if anyone's available to help him run Black Morass fer to get his Kara key. I tells him I'd be happy ta help, but them stopwatch keeper dudes still want me ta prove me dworcish self by busting that noob Thrall out've his cell first. Well, that' okay with everybody, so we got us a party fer Caverns of Time. I look at me teammates, and I see two warriors, a rogue, and the crimson feline hisself.

"So, I guess I'm healing then."

"Looks that way, dude."

Mmmmm, okay. I swing by the bank and pull out the bag with me collection of never used, just-in-case healing gear. Is an odd mix of Kara drops no one wanted and things I collected back in me questing days. All assembled, I ended up with about +1200 healing. Then the tricky part - finding the right spells in me spellbook. Did some frantic cramming on me way to the instance, I tells ya.

The runs theyselves were actually anticlamactic. We outgeared the instances by a fair amount, and cruised through them pretty easily. It felt weird ta not be targetting the buggers we was there ta kill, after so long as a tank and then a dps'er. And I were overhealing like mad crazy at first, but I eventually settled down and stopped freaking if the tank fell below 98% health. And we rumbled through with no fatalities. Wewt! Unfortunatelies, the trinket BRK's been lusting for since, I dunno, I were an orcling back in Searing Gorge er sumthin, did not drop. Sorries, bro. I'd've ripped from that dragon with me bare hands fer ya, if I coulda.
Is me in the foreground, all non-shadowy

And just 'cause it laughified me, here's me before and after conversationalizings with Bell:

[21:40] Ratshag: they need me to heal; this could be interesting
[21:43] Bellwether: yay!
[21:43] Bellwether: heal!
[21:43] Bellwether: healhealhealheal
[21:44] Bellwether: those holy ones
[21:44] Bellwether: the um
[21:44] Bellwether: healy things
[21:45] Ratshag: "heal" "greater heal" "lesser heal"
[21:45] Ratshag: then that HoT one
[21:45] Bellwether: renew!
[21:45] Bellwether: binding heal?
[21:45] Bellwether: ooh, chastise!
[21:45] Bellwether: is not a heal
[21:45] Bellwether: but ooh, chastise!
[21:45] Ratshag: rofl

[23:38] Bellwether: how was healing?
[23:38] Ratshag: OMG NO ONE DIED
[23:38] Bellwether: yay!
[23:38] Ratshag: (helped that everyone was in epics, but still!)
[23:38] Bellwether: you broke your healer cherry?
[23:38] Ratshag: ya
[23:39] Bellwether: nice
[23:39] Bellwether: blog post go

Blog post done gone, Bell.


Stina said...

You must've refused a whole lot of whispers if you've never healed throughout your priest career! Congrats though on your first healer job. :D

Lady Jess said...

Go you! And Poor BRK and the trinket, I feel his pain. Jess has been trying for the scarab trinket with no luck at all.

Armond said...

@Stina: I bet. I get so many offers to tank [insert instance here], but I refuse to level with a prot spec, so...

And I'm definitely going to remember the healer cherry line.

Khol Drake said...

Our little dworc is now a man....*sniff*

Softi said...

Gratz on the healing cherry! :P

Bell said...

Welcome to the ranks of the holy.

Now go back to shadowform, noob!

Anonymous said...

Feels like a post overload recently. Anyways gratz on the good healery. Different specs definitely put you in different mind sets. Though I'm sure you'd be willing to heal again I wouldn't recommend doing a heroic or kara healing till you get about 1500+ bonus healing unless you be working with a nicely geared group.

Stupid Mage said...

I don't think he actually changed spec so much as put on some green panties...

Seidhkona said...

Wow. I wish I was having these kinds of conversations while I was playing around in Azeroth. Of course, my shaman never really... well... you know... healed...