Friday, July 18, 2008

EC Kicks Arse, Takes Names

'Ello there! Phoenicia here, Team Ratshag's baby tank. Mah mates in the Eternal Covenant and I have been having some adventures lately, and the boss asked meh ta tell you aboot t'em.

First we went ta t'is lost temple in Ashenvale called Blackfathom Deeps. I'm sure the elves called it somet'ing else back when it was in operation, and not sunk oonder the sea. You'll notice there's six of us in the pictoore - we find that the arbitrary number of five per dungeon run just doesn't work for us, so we've been raiding instead. Some quest givers don't like that, but most of them don't seem to mind. We defeated a number of the bosses there, and I got mah hands on some Tortoise Armor and a pair of Beetle Clasps. Having good gear is very important for a warrior, the boss always says.
Wee Baggit is sitting down on the job, drinking again. He says it's because he's a mage, but I think he just likes ta sit and drink.

And then last night, we went into another hive of scum and villiany called Razorfen Kraul. It's all the way at the soothern end of the Barrens, a fair hike from Ratchet. I'd found a rather flat dwarf down near the base of the Great Lift, you see, and he was still holding a journal describing the nasty goings on of those pig-men he experienced in t'ere ere he escaped. Oh, and there was a night elf still being held prisoner. So in we went, for honor and justice and, most of all, for loot!
Well, that Night Elf? He was already dying, but we did manage to retrieve his pendant so we could give it back to his wife. We killed pretty much ever last glunkerpugger in that nest, as the boss would say, including The Crone herself. And loot? I think everyone got somet'ing - I picked mahself up a nice brainbucket for when I'm soloing.
I t'ink we'll be going back next week, to see if we missed any of those pig-men, expecially the ones with loot. After that, I hear there's a bunch of those Scarlet Crusade crazies up in a monastery in Lordaeron - mayhap we'll pay them a visit.


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Star Wars references are awesome.

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