Monday, July 21, 2008

Assgalore No More

Since the Sunday night raid (which I weren't on) took care of the first three bosses already, tonight we was able to start off on Assgalore. This were my first look at that fubbernunker, who refused to go down the past two weeks. But tonight we one-shotted the bugger, and pulled three sets of gloves and a healadin belt off of his dead carcass. Mighta been a fifth thing - I can't be bothered ta keep track of the details. Anywho, here we is, whooping it up on his dead self.

Then we rode up the mountain to pay our respects ta his friend, Archi. Along the way, our MT promised ta provides oral gratificationals ta everyone in the raid if we one-shotted him too. Then he promptly went and face-pulled the bugger while scouting for where to do the tanking, when most of us was still halfway across the valley. So that were a wipe, and made sure he didn't haveta make good on his promise. Convenient, that. We made a coupla more tries, just to get a sense of what the fight'll be like fer real next week, then we called it a night.


erumel said...

Congratulations! =)

Anonymous said...

Not sure the title makes me very happy.

Gratz on downing the boss though.

Verolia said...

Congrats on downing Azzy, maybe youll get your gloves soon?

Dot and run.
'nuff said. Dont worry about being my MF range with Archimonde, just dot and run and cast MB if you have time.

If there are no fires near you, you can move in and get a few rotations but be ready to move. Also use VE from the beginning because I can guarantee there will be a point where the tank will be fighting for aggro and you will not and not have to worry about threat.

Good luck and go out and enjoy my favorite boss thus far

Softi said...

Congrats!! :D

Hope Archi goes well for ya next time... it's a great fight!

HolyWarrior said...

Are you following me? Sunday we got our first kill on AzGalore and had a couple of lol-wipes checking out ArchiMonkey.

Your experiences seem to be identical to ours :)

Gratz dude

Pike said...

Woohoo! Gratsification!