Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Is Another Avatar From Banshide

Helllooo .... Thiss is DangerMouse.

Ratss wanted me to pose for some pictures the other day. He thinks having an avatar image for everyone on the Team will be good for morale, and also make it easier for you readers to keep track of who iss who. I don't ssee what the point is. After all, you are all going to die anyway, many of you slowly and painfully, so why does it matter if we make thingss easier for you until then?

Ratss wants me to stop depresssing his readers.

Fine. Happy happy. I am a cheerful walking abomination in the eyes of nature. And you are not one (yet). And I have this shiny new avatar from Angry Bansidhe! Is it not spiffy! Do I not look lovely, in a rotting flesh, empty eye ssockets, nobody loves a rogue ssort of way? Get one for yourself, before anything terrible happens and the Shadow fallss upon you.


Hydra said...

Lovely as ever.

Khol Drake said...

Soooooo...is she single?


Armond said...

@Khol: The question is not "is she single", the question is "is she awesome", to which the answer is a resounding yes.