Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shopping List

Okay, so, I been doing a lot of the same stuff both as meself and with me dwarf disguise on. Killing Blood Elves in Netherstorm, killing Demons and Nagas near the Sunwell, etc. You know the drill. But I finds these fights can take a lot more outta me when I's in warrior form - not having any raiding gears done makes a difference. Not normallies an issue, but when ya gets multiple respawn on top of ya things can get a little tight. Whereas in priestie form I can just bubble up and burn'em down, while recharging meself with the naughty touching and embracing. Having all them raiding gears do make a difference. So I figgers is time ta go shopping and see what upgrades'd be available fer meself.

Neck: I's halfway ta being exaltified by the Dorkbabies, so once I gets there I'll be picking up a Pendant of Mighty Might and tossing me old Chain of Glow-in-the-Dark Tendrils.

Chest: That Merciless Gladiator's Merciless Plate Chestpiece of Mercilessness looks like a fine step up from me Chestguard of Exilicious. Time ta hit the old Arathi Basin some more. Gonna miss that nipple chain, though.

Belt: The Red Belt of Battle is a craftable thing, so I could either hire a smith ta forge one up fer me, or just get one at the AH. Great googly moogly it ain't cheap, 1500-2000g plus gems, but would be a whonkin' upgrade from Borak's Belt of Bravery. Borak were a fine fellow and all, especiallies with the alliterationizings, but still.

Head: Much as i loves me my Helm of Evil Laughter, I likes killin' mudderglumpers better. And there is other choices out there, like them Furious Goggles, what I can make now that I's an engineer. Expensive mats, but not insanelies.

Feets: The honor price for the Vindicator's Plate Booties done got dropped recentlies, so thems look attractive fer taking over from me Sha'tari Rotten Grooves. And I got lots of EoTS marks, so I can just go to town farming honor in AV.

So that be what I'm thinking. Lot's more I could do, particularlies from PvP gears, but I think this'll hold me fer a while.


Wildhermit said...

How much do you pay your "crew" to play all your toons Mr. Ratters? I only ask as being a fellow mutli-server kind of guy I tend to neglect one or the other whereas you seem to do just fine. You do dailies on two different servers... That sir is crazy :P

Ratshag said...

Is all in the virility, and the awesomeness of the aforementioned.

cook said...

All I have left on your list is the boots :D got the chestpiece monday after AV all weekend and 5 more games of AB.(ally actually won a game) Had my belt made last week also. Im also working on mats for Vengeance Wrap...no way paying the ah price.

Seidhkona said...

Hmmmm. Got me thinking about doing dailies on my warrior that is 66 and moving on up. Are they going to be a drag? Cuz I'm used to blowing through them on my elemental shammy! I suppose we'll see.

Ratshag said...

@Cook - Vengeance Wrap. Hmmm. Might be worth it, but would be a lower priority (got the PvP cape now)

@Seid - Is all relative. I does okay with the dailies, wearing pretty much pre-Kara or Kara-equiv gear. In me dworc get-up, though, I's mostly in T5 or better. Makes a difference.