Friday, August 1, 2008

ChickGM is a Weirdling

This happened a while ago, but I didn't talk about it then, 'cause I'm talking about it now.

So, I'm listening to the Twisted Nether Blogcast: Plan 9 From the Twisted Nether. The one where they had a buncha bloggers doing a roundtable, taking turns answering questions. And were pretty interesting. Fim and Bre was hosting as per usuals, handing out crackers and punch in them little Dixie cups, and the guests was Kestrel the Birdman and Way Too Many Annas and Worldicus of Matt and Resto4Phae. And Auzara the ChickletGM. This be about her.

Anywho, were good talkings. You should go listen. And near the end, they was talking about what makes a blog worth reading, and Auz said she looked fer blogs what taught her something. And I's nodding, 'cause that's a good thought. And then she done said sumthin' what made me eyes pop outta me skull, almost. And THEN she said sumthin' what caused me arse to fall clean outta me chair, fer reals. So. I tracks her down and demands an explanation.
[10:29] Ratshag: hai you!
[10:38] Auzara: hai!
[10:41] Ratshag: I have a question for you
[10:42] Ratshag: I enjoyed listening to the podcast roundtable last week
[10:42] Auzara: what's the question?
[10:42] Auzara: and I had a blast doing it
[10:43] Ratshag: when the question was "what do you look for in a blog?"
[10:43] Ratshag: and you said I look for one that tells me something
[10:43] Ratshag: and then you mentioned mine
[10:43] Ratshag: and then you mentioned the Galertruby posts in particular
[10:43] Ratshag: my question is
[10:44] Ratshag: WERE YOU HIGH ON FELWEED?
[10:44] Auzara: lol
[10:44] Auzara: Well I have been known to party =P
[10:44] Auzara: you play the game entirely differently than me
[10:44] Auzara: there are people who play another game that probably play more like I play wow than you do
[10:44] Auzara: it's nice to see it from a different perspective
[10:44] Ratshag: yah huh
[10:45] Ratshag: I still sez yer a WEIRDLING

Just to be clear. I's a simple orc, and I writes a silly blog. Anything ya learns here is just yer own hallucinifying, so lays off the felweed!


Josh said...

I dunno Ratters, I'm learning a lot about the Gutterspeak dialect from Galertruby's musings, and I know more about raising a druid than I did before from the adventures of Palintera. I's learnin' stuff.

(aside) Pass the fel-pipe, Auz, I want another hit.

Anonymous said...

Ratters...Your blog is full of nothing, means nothing and never be about nothing...

(all hail ratters! all hail the "iconic", "extremely informative" orc) No Ratters, I didn't' say anything! I swear!

Khol Drake said...

For being such a simple dworc, you sure are wise beyond your years...

Auzara said...


which is what happened when I tried to pry the fel-pipe away from Galertruby to hand to Josh!

Grimmtooth said...

/cheer silly blog!

ShelaghG said...

We learn the most important thing here Ratshag...that WoW is meant to be FUN!

Cabriella said...

Simple orc or no, it's still good reading!

erumel said...

Agree with shelaghg, you bring out the fun in the game :)

Misneach said...

Things I've learned from Team Ratshag:

1. Ratshag - Chicks (coughJainaProudmoorecough) dig scars.
2. Dworc Ratshag - Chicks dig naughty touching.
3. Dangermouse - Apparently I'm going to die soon so I should eat some cookies.
4. Palintera - Female dr00d on female dr00d is...wait, scratch that. I already knew that was hot.
5. Galertruby - Quite a bit about baryogenesis, but more importantly I learned the finer points of incorporating a lovingly crafted boomstick into a romantic evening.

Minnieu said...

Rats I will say this...We do learn alot from your blog. I mean 100,000 visits must mean something.