Saturday, August 9, 2008

Is Where Palintera Goes to the 'Lympics

So, it was Friday night and I'd just gotten started on a herbing run through the Stonetalon Mountains, when I got a whisper from my friend Feralicious (from Team Bellwether) wanting to know why I wasn't hanging out in Ashenvale, for her convenience.Okay, she's just being silly. I mean, he's my boss, for Elune's sake. Even if he is amazingly virile (and yes, I've checked him out once or twice, I admit it), there's no way he'd mess around with anyone on the team. He sees as like his kids or something.
So now she's just pulling my chain. I'm pretty sure. I think. She'd better be. /worried Pali

Well, I flew back to Ashenvale and we spent some time gathering crystals and stardust for this poor sick girl. Along the way, we were keeping our eyes open for a strapping young troll that we could share. You see, 'licious wanted to see if what she'd heard was true, that if they pop Berserking just before they ... well, you know ... that it's like ... ummmmm. You know, never mind. It's not important.


But, before we could find a lucky troll, it was time! Time to go to Nagrand for the SEALympics! What were the SEALympics? We had no idea, but we knew we wanted to go, and Doodle said it was okay, so we got a summons!

Turned out we were having a race across Sunspring Lake. Woohoo! Now, before any race, it's important to warm up and stretch properly. So, that's what we're doing here. Serious preparations - no silliness allowed.

Okay, now we're read to race! A dozen or so Sidhe Devils druids, plus Phinnegan Among Many, who's like an honorary druid even if he is a warrior. /excited Pali

And there off! I kinda was a second or two late getting started, 'cause I was busy taking pictures. But that's all right - I wasn't expecting to win anyway, because...

... despite the efforts of our senior guildies, there were still a lot of elementals in that lake, just licking their chops in anticipation of sweet young druidling to munch on. Or whatever it is water elementals lick. Ew, not that! Anyway, a lot of the race ended up looking like this (that's me in the foreground, and 'licious out in front of me):

Yay! We made it to the finish line!

Look! There it is, in the flesh! The one! The only! The Big Bear Butt!

('licious dared me to take this picture)

After the race, we had a freestyle aquatic dance competition. Have you ever danced in aquatic form? It's hard - no /dance shortcuts. But we had fun figuring out how to make 300 pounds of muscle and blubber move with grace and poise.

After the competition, the dancing moved on shore. Here's 'licious cutting loose with. if you can believe it, our GMs Windshadow and CassieAnn. I think they need a little less dark iron in their diets...

Next event - an all-out no-holds-barred free-for-all at the Ring of Trials. Of course, crossing Nagrand was a bit of a challenge for those of us in our mid-20s. /nervous Pali But our guildies did their best to clear a path through the wildlife for us. 'licious even managed to become friendly with the Kurenai along the way - I think she wants a talbuk mount.

And here we are. On your mark, get set-
go! Feralicious and I fought the good fight, but as you can see I'm afraid agressive pets and AoEs made quick work of us.
So, that was how 'licious and I spent Friday night. It was way cool fun. I want to say Thank you so much to all the Sidhe Devils who participated. You guys are great!


Euripedes said...

It doesn't even looked like you moved in that last arena battle.

Maybe ran forward a few steps...

Poor thing. Shoulda gone bear form.

joe said...

Don't feel so unloved! I know I Holy Shocked you at least once, and Feral got it twice that I remember

Anonymous said...

I admit I look mighty fine in that there kilt.