Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Either They Nerfed This, Or I Useta Really Suck

Both Phoenicia and me chintacled self done reached our 30th seasons recentlies, which means time ta go pay that nutcase the Islander a visit and defeat his Mortal Kombat wannabes. Every warrior in Azeroth gots to do this, fer this bugger be the one what can teach ya the Berserker stance. I think he pays the warrior trainers a kickback fer this. Anywho is off to Ratchet and the south to the island.

Way this works is, ya step onto the grate when yer ready, and they start sending in glupperfuppers ta fight ya, with no break in between. Then, when ya's all worn down, in comes Big Will. Now, when I first did this like a year-and-a-half ago, I just couldn't close the deal. Tried four times, and Big Will put me arse down every time. So I cheated and got me GM Tarsius ta come in from Outland and clobber the bugger.

But this time, were a piece of cake. Didn't need pots or bandages or nuthin' ta get past them first flunkies. Big Will comes in, I pops retaliation, and it be all over. Fer Phoenicia, what be equipping better gear than me and some nice enchants, it were easier than squishing kodo poop.

So, now is the Islander gettin' soft, and letting his troops be all fat and lazy? Or were I just a total scrub when I were first gettin' started. Hard ta remembers that far back. Fer all I know, I showed up that first time with a buncha vendor whites and +INT greens. Anywho, gratz to Phoenicia, and to me (again).

Afters it were over, I had me one of them rites of passage. Remembers, putting on that disguise with the chintacles and the horns and the really big ... tail ... puts me in a different serververse, one where Hordies and Allies is still at wars, unofficially. Which means, there be risks. I's still learning this. I were on the boat from Ratchet ta Booty Bay when this rogue unstealths and does me from behind. He were nine levels higher than me, so it didn't last too long. Nevertheless, I felt satisfied, and hurried off to tell me friend Bell.
She then proceeded ta tells me what in order to become a man (well, a squid, really), I now needs ta kill a Hordie of me own, preferably one 2 er 3 levels higher than me. So, is on me list of things fer to do this week.


Darraxus said...

I remeber doing that quest years ago on my warrior. I died several times trying to do it, but I finally got the help of some of the other warriors who were there to finish it off. Talk about a pain.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I've not been a warrior high enough in seasons to do that. But if you were really wearing anything close to the gear you suggested I'm surprised even bandaging helped.

Being in good greens and blues at lvl 30 will allow you to pwn a lot of things.

Sharon said...

I just recently did this on my warrior and it was much easier than I thought it would be. Like you, I had the benefit of being able to buy myself some nice greens off of the AH with my main, so that helps. Having Malfean on his Shaman healing me helps, too. ;D

Armond said...

Man, I remember when I did that quest. Was annoying.

Capn John said...

When I first did that it was fugging tough! Same as Ratters, I got clobbered. I had to slink away with me tail between me legs and get a couple more seasons under me belt before I could put Big Will down.

Many, many years later, in another lifetime, I chugged a couple of pots and used a magic scroll to make me stronger before taking on Big Will and he was like a feather before a hurricane, he just went arse over.

((I think if you've got some experience under your belt, know how to maximize your talents and run Instances or shop the Auction House to keep your gear updated, even if you've never played a Warrior before you'll have no problem with this quest. I think the problem we had the first time is we were...noobs, perhaps? Like Ratters said, we probably rocked up in the wrong gear with subpar weapons and wondered why this quest was so blasted hard.))

Sebulon said...

I just realised that I never left a comment on your site -bad me!

I have read it for a long time now and think it is great!

You have a talent for story tellin mate!

batgrl said...

Heh, I remember when I was trying that quest I was so nervous I waited to level up 5 more levels before I actually tried it. Yes, I am indeed a wuss. Actually I remember it still seemed tough!

70 TW said...

Looking back on it, that was truly a great way to get the Beserker Stance. The first two times I failed, but I was told that Demoralising Shout actually worked as a fear on the mobs before Big Will. I don't know if it still does but it may be worth trying out.

sunjun said...