Friday, August 8, 2008

Phoenicia. Now With Big Brass Ones

Knouckles, that is. What did you t'ink Ah meant? Me and mah mates have started poking our noses inta the Scarlet Monastery a wee bit. Just the doungeons and the graveyard so far - we're all still in our 20s and the Crusaders in the other wings is a might bit heavy for us at the moment. But not for long. But it were in the doungeons where Ah pulled these bloody brass knuckles from Interrogator Vishas' cold dead fingers. I couldna use t'em right away, but I got some training and a little more experience, and Ah got wee Baggit tah enchant t'em so t'ey hit even harder, and now t'ey's mah new favorite weapon. Ah'm hoping we get a chance ta go back so Ah can look for anouther set and have a matching pair.

Don't fouck with the Dwarfette, or you'll be spitting out yuir teeth!

We are in a bit of a dry spot, though. We're too experienced for places like RFK and Gnomer, but not really ready yet for the main wings of the Mounastery or Razor Fen Downs. So last night we went down to Stanglethorn Vale and killed a bounch of beasties for that rascal, young Nessingwary. But once everyone has a few more seasons oonder they're belts I expect I'll be tanking full-time again.

Oh, and did ye see the avatar the talented Bansidhe made for me? She's been real good to Team Ratshag, and the boss wanted me ta take a minute and say how much we all appreciate it!

Aye, that's me. Bringing it to all the zombies and worgen in Darkshire.

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