Thursday, August 7, 2008

Aggro: I's Got It.

So, here's the setup. The Kara run last night, we did with just one tank. We also had us a damn fine ret pally who could throw on some tanking gear as needed, but off-tanking weren't his job, normallies. And that were all fine.

Then we gets to Curator. If ya don't know this flumperthunker, he's a big-arse robot what, among other things, throws Hateful Lightning at the off-tank. Anywho, the tankadin pulls him, and we starts the show. I throws a coupla DoTs on the bugger, then starts targeting his astralogical flare thingies. 'Bout this time the huntard what sounded just like the guild RL sez on Vent:

"Oh, wait. Who's gonna be absorbing the Hatefuls?"


"I guess Ratshag is. Okay."

Good thing I's a tough munkerducker.


Wildhermit said...

Ah yes... When I am there either me or my felguard get that glory.. WOOT! Bring it on Curator. When I hit 80 I want to go back and fight Curator again just so I can top my "critline" record of 10034 on him :)

One of my favorite fights.

We go in there once a week just to badge farm and becuase we do not have enough for any bigger raid. This past week we pulled him by mistake and had no problems... we all enjoyed a good laugh at this :)

Vrathmat said...

I hated whenever I had to tank those stupid things. They seemed to have a weird threat table for me, so I usually just ended up chasing them around the whole fight.

Verolia said...

I am the hateful strikee for that fight. First time in kara. "Who's taking hatefuls" Answer: "The Shadow Priest, they suck on flares anyway"

I always enjoyed that fight but you dont need an off tank... just a Shadow Priest with VE :-D

Great job though!

Trollin' said...

"The Shadow Priest, they suck on flares anyway"

^^ this. I've been hateful soaking for over a year, still going strong.

Nick S. said...

after the first evo, i'm always the hateful-taker.

turns out critting for 24k damage upsets the curator.

Armond said...