Friday, August 15, 2008

The Mouse Has Left The House

Helllooo .... Thiss is DangerMouse. I am Forsaken.

Ratss has started shuffling the team around a bit, but I'm only going to tell you about how it affectss me. I'd tell you the rest of the changess, but I. Haven't. Got. All. Day.

I finally earned enough Marks of Honor from those lumberjack orcss to purchase everything I wanted - dagger, amulet, ring, and the trinket. And now I have had enough of lumberjackss and their sstrange dresssing habits. Sso with Rats' permission I've gone back to the Ghostlands to tidy up some loose endss.

I've been killing forest trolls, coming right up to the gatess of Zul'Aman itsself. Compared to the twinked out rogues and hunterss I'm used to, sending these big green oafs to the embrace the Shadow was child'ss play. And I've been killing Scourge, foolss too decayed and weak to break free and become Forsaken. Im in ur ziggurat, looting ur treasures! Heh-hehehehehe!

I've even helped kill those two idiot abominations that wander the Ghostlands. I know Rats killed them once, but ssome fool obviously patched them back together.
It feelss good to not be stuck in my 19th sseason any longer. Ratss and I are still negotiating if I will go back to the battlegroundss when I am 29, or jusst push on toward the endgame. We sshall sssee.....


laura said...

Skip the 29 bracket and go for 39. Then at least you have a mount. :)

Khol Drake said...

How does one get the name Dangermouse?

Mama Druid said...



Grumpy Misanthrope said...

Yeah! Go Dangermouse!

Ratshag said...

@Laura - That elf Ellsspeth is running 39s right now. I don't want to have to share a locker with that sspoiled child.

@Khol - It used to belong to a nosy human rogue. I took it from him after I killed him and ate hiss flesh.

@Mama - The Sshadow will come for you soon. Your emotional ssuport meanss little to me.

@Grumpy - Yours either.

Drunken Dragon said...

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sunjun said...


Capn John said...

Sunjun, I think something got lost in the translation: East Wenling the big assembly line transports the plant is engaged in the non-sign equipment design, the production, to sell and to serve a body's enterprise, the main product includes: The production line, spreads installs wiring, dustlessness room equipment, the welding apparatus, the decontaminatin unit, the non-sign equipment, and the physical distribution system fitting and so on.

I'm not really sure what that has to do with Rathshag or his crew.

I like Babelfish ;)