Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kung Fu Priesting

So, what does ya do while waiting fer a vendor in Ashenvale to get a resupply on a particular recipe? Ya practices yer unarmed combats, is what. Whiles I were waiting, I combatted me skill all the way from 1 up ta three hundred and change.

I were really laying on the pain, too. Five damage per punch; ten if I critted the flumpernugger!

And twenty minutes later, I'd put two Furblog's arses down, and the vendor had me recipe!


Armond said...

Oh man, leveling skills like that takes forever. Being a priest and having Shadow Form has to help, though - 15% less damage and PW:S/PW:F is win.

Kordwar said...

I leveled my unarmed in the deeprun tram, on that little gnome who respawns instantly....then some alliance came and i leveled it on them :D

Capn John said...

I've been infiltrating the Horde using a Troll Rogue and Blood Elf Mage disguise. They're both 62% complete...or...something like that. (62/70 = 88% complete?)

I dearly miss the Deeprun Tram, particularly the Rats. I loved levelling my weapon skills up on the Rats. I guess I could still go back and visit using my Troll Rogue disguise ;)

sunjun said...