Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guest Blogger: Phoenicia, Now With Sheepdog

'Alloo there!

Now that we have our internettings going again, the Boss asked me ta give you some updates. First of all, "Prooject No More Sore Feet" is going nicely - I now have a mount of mah own. A ram, most of us dwarves would say, but the Boss insists and calling it a sheepdog. Them oorcs can be a little funny, don't ya know. Oh, and I picked up a wee dragon pet, for helping ta win a round in the Arathi Basin. It didn't hurt that I offered ta buy everyone a pint afterwards!

Lately I've been trying ta collect toosks from the trolls in Stranglethorn Vale. They're one of the items that craizy hermit up in Alterac wants before he'll give ya a Whirlwind Axe. The Boss tells meh this axe is the sign of a true Warrior - wit'out it we look just like Ret Pallies with no mana, and dirt oonder our fingernails. The trouble with these toosks is, they're a wee bit fragile, and after I've been pounding them in the face wit' mah Bluidy Brass Knoockles, they tend ta break. So I need to kill a right lot of trolls to get thirty whole ones. Ah'm beginning to understand why the Boss hated Stranglethorn so much.

And while Ah'm doing updates, I got a postcard from Alayda. She's transferred oover to the Drenden-verse, and joined a guild there which is associated with Aetherial Circle. The Boss promised her some netherweave bags if she did, although they ain't shown up yet. But she has a mount of her own now, a fine violet raptor. It bounces her uip and down right proper when she rides, she says, even more than her last boyfriend. Ooh-hoo-hwah! Ooh-hoo-hwah-hah!
Maybe you won't need to throw this one into the stewpot, then, Alayda!


Khol Drake said...

WTB [Mental Bleach] pst.

Kinzlayer said...

LAWL... best eva.