Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Is Me New Hat

Is a chapeau. Is foreign-talk. Means several things:

Number the One: Sally's dead and I gots her hat. Again.

Number the Two: BRK's gonna be all jealous over me mad le3t haberdashery skillz.

Number the Three: I's up to level 39. That big dwarfy sheepdog mount's so close I can smells it. Feugh!

Number the Four: I dunno. Sumthin', maybe.

Number the Five: I gots sumthin' kinky ta wear fer me upcoming date with Jaina Proudmoore.


Rabbit Stew said...

Gosh, Ratshag,

You make that hat look good.

I'm not just blowing sunshine at ya either.

Dorgol said...

You know, Mr Ratshag. I wonders something...

You are a very powerful orc. You kill things with the strength of your arm (and perhaps the strength of your stench considering that shirt...).

Dwarves are also a very powerful group of people. Out of all the Alliance, only the Draenei have a better physique for brawling.

Yet... your Dwarf costume is that of a healy-cloth-wearing-priest-dwarf? When you could have been a powerful-mace-weilding-plate-wearing-paladin-dwarf?

Ratshag said...

@Rabbit - Well, thankee.

@Dorgol - If things made sense around here, then you'd know you was in the wrong place.

Grimmtooth said...

That hat is the only thing that makes me sad to be a huntard. There should be hats like that for us, too. We deserve nice hats.

Which of course is why BRK will be filled with feelings of envy. Can you blame him?

/salutes Rats

Anonymous said...

So you're going to use your dwarf disguise to meet up with Jaina Proudmoore without getting attacked but then once your there remove the outfit so that she can show the same treatment she gave Thrall. Very sneaky Rats. Though I'm curious what you think of my Orc disguise.

Anonymous said...

Aha! So the real reason you went over to the Alliance comes out.

Dammerung said...


Like the hat though. Spiffy lookin.

Gauntlet said...

I am surprised at how nice your outfit looks. It's very coordinated, but it might be that I'm to used to the truly "Outlandish" fashion choices on the other side of the portal.

Rusty said...

Now, just for BRK, you have to say:

"Ve vil haf COMPLIANCE!!"

megan said...

Looks like you mugged that poor soul from the Library as well.

Bell said...

Those shifty Scarlet Crusade types had it coming. Bellbell's got almost a complete Scarlet set; too bad Dark Iron and Drenden aren't in the same Battlegroup or the two of you could team up.

Ratshag said...

@Grimm - That must be it

@Sonvar - You got it. Details (and pics!) to be forthcoming soonish.

Is a nice disguise - most excellent tusk action.

@Molinu - But of course. Meeting exotic wimmens has always been par of me mission statement.

@Damm - Them AC types been giving me some good motifications

@Gauntlet - well, a lot of it came from them Scarlet Crusade ninnies.

@Dax - Diet Beer of Evil just lacks the imagery, unfortunatelies

@Megan - Yeah, and also that undead bugger they keep in the back closet fer the shoulders

@Bell - Is too bad ya can't make temporary server transfers (like fer a week or sumthin)

Pinkpixiechick said...

Now that's a right handsome dwarf. Must be the orcness showing through!

Congrats, Ratsy!

Cap'n John said...

I must say, for an ugly hat, you really do bring out the best in it. It's almost on a par with the Stylin' Crimson Hat ;)

Trollin' said...

@Capn: Nothing... *Nothing* is on par with the crimson felt hat.



Anonymous said...

It's one great-looking hat, and Sally never wore it for my Forsaken lock, even if she gave it up for my gnome. She likes 'em small I guess. As for hunters, it sure beats that wolf head they gave my hunter to wear after I killed Ironjaw. The wolf that was originally wearing it, and I think it looked better on him than on a night elf, except the ears are better. I still wonder what my pet wolf thinks of me - it is supposed to say, "I'm one of you you", but I think it might come across as, "I'm wearing one of you."

Melindrava said...

Ratshag dear, I've never actually seen anyone look good in that hat before now. A few of my friends have it, and they've ALL taken the option to hide it from the world. It suits you, though. ^_^

By the way, could I recommend my friend Melanar to your attention? He's in your neighbourhood... he may be a Blood Elf, and only in his ninth season as I type this, but he says he'll throw a heal or two in your direction if he ever sees you.

Melindrava said...
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Anonymous said...

Stylin'! And color coordinated as well, you are surprisingly metrosexual for a dwarf. ^.^