Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Primal Arrrgggghhh!!!

I first met me friend Throttle some 20-odd years ago. Back then, he were a skinny, goofy blonde kid with some wispy peach fuzz on his chin. In the days since then, he done become an undead abomination in the eyes of nature. He's even skinnier, 'speciallies in the knee and elbow regions, and all his hair done fallen out, but he still has his blonde moments. Like when he forgets ta put poison on his swords, or forgets to stealth before going in fer a sap. Or when he decided to tinker hisself up some super-duper goggles last May. Is what he reported afters:

So I mine and I mine, for more ore than a tauren could carry. I tinker and I tinker, and finally blow a couple of hundred gold at the AH for mats, to get my engineering to 350. I train and get the pattern for this awesome headgear I can make for myself - a rogue's dream goggles. I piece together (and buy) all the little materials I need except for the last one: a single piece of "primal nether".

Ah primal, I think, that's the stuff you put together from motes of this or that. Surely I can buy or grind that out. But none are at the AH. I'm wondering if this is something that can only be made by alchemists or enchanters. I go so a little web research.

It turns out this little drop of primality drops off instance bosses - only.

So I'm sitting here with a partially completed pair of goggles on my lap, the only thing lacking is the little spark that would turn them into the uber-goggles of my dreams. And I'm faced with putting them back on the workbench until I can go kill some heroic instances bosses - repeatedly.


Well, then over the summer our little guild of casuals suffered some setbacks, including our two senior tanks burning out and going back to Mulgore to pick daisies and run naked through the hills, or whatever it is retired herbalists and druids does. But by September I's got me threat on and we're running instances again. We got to where five of us was holding the keys fer heroic Coilfanging, but as I've said before the plans fell through and we never did go put Quagmirran's arse down and get Throttle his primal nether.

But now the universe done shifted a bit, and what were once BoP is now a trade good. So Throttle, if ya can remember how, go log on and check yer mailbox. Is a goody in there for ya.


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I think Throttle is helping Santa deliver toys throughout Azeroth. You may want to put the primal on a tray next to the glass of milk...