Thursday, March 13, 2008

Everybody in Arenas! Arenas!

Higher rating don't mean you's got a larger p****!

(is thanks to Nymh fer that line)

Me friend Sabiba has done invited me to join her 2v2 Arena team. Team's also got a holy pally, what I ain't met yet. I figgers like everybody else what starts playing in the arena leagues there's gonna be a lots of learning fer me to do, but that's good. I likes learning new stuffs, and I's planning to have fun. Worst case, Sabiba sez to me "Ratter, you's an amazingly handsome and attractive piece of orcflesh, but yer a total scrub at arena fighting" and kicks me off again. But I figgers that ain't too likely (the kicking part, not the amazingly attractive part).

I'd already respecced meself to 31/30/0, since I were pretty much PvPing full-time anyway, plus the occasional daily. And I got me Lunar Crescent outta the bank and found an enchanter ta slap Savagery on it. Is cool-looking, what with netherblood dripping off of it and whatnot. Is not a great PvP axe, since it ain't got no +STA or Resilience, but it do lay down some serious pain and I'll be swinging it until I can save enough honor points to pick up a Gladiator's Decapitator or somethings.

Hopings to throw down and party tomorrow night. Looking forward to it.


Bell said...

Here's wishing you good luck and many kills. :)

Think I could hire you to give my arena teams some 'motivation' to get off their lazy arses?

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in arenas.

Rabbit Stew said...

I'm pretty sure though that a higher arena rating means impressively substantial hooves.....

Good luck....flash 'em that spot-on sexy orc grin as you chop 'em to mince meat.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck! Hopefully you don't run into the high level teams that started new teams just to beat up lower ranked teams. ><;; Those guys suck!

Shifttusk said...

Good luck!

Remember the warrior credo in arena. Kill it, or if it gets heals sunder it, MS it and then kill it.