Saturday, March 29, 2008

Most Bestest Ratter

Is follow-up this this post here.I figgered he'd like it. I likes making me friends happy.


/emofire said...

D'aww. <3

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I'm a night elf, I'm supposed to fear and hate orcs, but you make that impossible!! You and the orc warrior that didn't kill me when i accidently got flagged in the new zone. he simply /questioned, and proceeded to /dance. i can't hate orcs, they might be a relative of ratty:P

Anonymous said...

That's really cool. From your previous post I wasn't sure he was even still playing, that's awesome that he got his goggles made.

Ratshag said...

@emo - :)

@LJ - Loves me some Nelfs, too, particularlies with the right sauce. But keep in mind, some orcs is a buncha ninnies, so it be okay ta kill them. I won't take it personals.

@avaric - Yeah, Throttle ain't been around fer a few months, and may not be back again 'til it be time ta go to Northrend. But I sent him an RL e-mail saying "log on ya dolt!" and he dids.