Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friday Night Dakoneris

Whiles the power forward of the Gnomeregan-in-Exile women's basketball team were showing me her full court press, Dakoneris the boingy-eared twinky were out earning his keep. It being Whore's Thong Gulch weekend and alls.

His first round of the evening the Ninnies put up a team full of season 12 and 13 rookies with like, I dunno, 37 health each. It were a pretty lopsided affair. But when they was about to wins, the call went out to drop the flag and go camp the hordies GY, which about 7 or so of his team promptly did. Dak pointed out that this were boring and not cool and let's just finish'em and get some more interesting opponents, but that got nowheres. So he goes and finds the flag and runs it in hisself. This were in keeping with his guild's policy of treating the enemy with respect, which I fully supports. Had the original FC held onto the flag and prevented him from finishing it, he were prepared to dance naked in the Horde graveyard to protest, but fortunatelies fer his elfish dignity this were not required.

Then he hooked up with some of his guildies and, in between battlefields, they did some 5v5 arenas. In his first time in that category (which actually ended up as a 4v4, but whatevers) he learned an important lesson. If Everyone But You is stealthed, You Is A Target. A lesson brought home by a sudden swarm of two-foot tall rogues what dropped him like a sack of potatoes. Afterwards he tried running into the arena and then quickly shadowmelding, what helped some.

Unlikes the Hall of the Brave in Org, in Stormwind they gives ya something to do whiles ya wait fer the battleground to pop. Here be me friend Aurum, the best dressed bank alt on her server, catching up on some light reading.

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Bell said...

Well, at least poor, poor Dakoneris served his purpose as a distraction, right?