Thursday, March 27, 2008

New PvP Gears

First of, if yer Alliance and run BGs in the Whirlwind group and needs some more resilience, go away. Nuthin' fer you here. Urthona, I'm looking at you. Sonvar, probably not so much.

Okies, now that they's gone, here's some info what ya may have missed in all the other 2.4 excitements. For each class there be a new set of armor specifically for the PvPing. Is blues, so not all fancy and purple and with the glowing shoulders like the gladiator's kit, BUT it don't cost no honor points or marks anything, just gold. Deal is, there's five quartermasters in Outland, each'll sell ya one piece fer just a few gold pieces, as long as you be honored with they's faction. Poof! Instant PvP gear, with resilience and all, good-to-go. Which quartermasters? Is Sha'tar and Lower City and Keepers of Time and two others what I can't be bothered to remember the details. Maybe Sporeggar. I dunno - look it up fer yerself, already.

So, how good is this stuff? Well, is best I can tell is exactly the same as the Grand Marshall / High Warlord gear ya used to be able to get. Nifty thing is, with two pieces ya get a +35 resilience bonus, what stacks with the one ya get from two pieces of Gladiator's. Whoa. So what I done is picked up new legs and a chestpiece, which I'd been using old PvE gear for, and now me resilience is a respectable 255 (were 194 before). Long way from the zero I started with. So anyways, if yer just gettin' going in the BGs, ya owe it to yerself to check these out. Is all can be found on this page - I's too lazy fer to write out all them different sets.

Okay, someone tell them Alliance buggers they can come back in now.


Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to buy them especially since my Arena partner has been gone on weekends cause of a job. I should already be honored with those factions. Still haven't run into ya in BGs yet Rats so I don't think you have much to worry about yet.

Kelmar said...


Ratshag is HORDE. I don't care how many Dorf costumes he puts on!

It only matters a little that he thinks the war is over... after all he is old!

Look at the gray hair!

Anonymous said...

Who's Urthona?

Anonymous said...

The Honor Hold and Cenarian Expedition quartermasters are the other two.

Anonymous said...

I got two pieces Tuesday night for my Rogue: Helm and gloves (Lower City for one and Cenarion Expedition for the other). Didn't think of Honor Hold; I may not be Honored there. (Falken's pretty gimped: He has yet to do Underbog for his food spore yet.) :(

Pretty sure he's not honored with KoT yet, either, but should be with Sha'Tar (how can you not be if you just do normal quests??).

Thanks for the tip you left on the Aerie, Ratter!

Anonymous said...

One thing to note:

Recently, I'd complained to my fellow adventurers that was a serious lack of suitable +healing mail, outside of heroics and raids. Even the Dungeon set Tidefury was tailored for Elemental Shatners, similarly to how Moonglade was made for Ferals, and Righteous for Tankadins.

For Shamans and Druids, there are 3 sets*! And 2 for Paladins and Priests! Just be careful about how your set is named, or you'll be stuck with a weird collection that only LOOKS good.

PVP sets they may be, but they're brilliant, lovely, amazing things that we can use in PVE. Boomkins, Retadins, Spriests, cry no more. 2.4 has made the game hurt a lot less.

*Just don't try tankin in them though folks. The Feral set isn't built with defense and neither plate class has a set made suitable for Protection.

Still, they look really cool and help us if and when we head to BGS.

Bell said...

Heh, I grabbed my season .5 pvp pants just a few days ago. Can't wait to replace them with Vengeful in a couple weeks, though.

I was kind of hoping for boots and rings and such, too, though...17k honor just for my boots, is a hassle for a busy person like myself, even with all those new badge turn-ins. Gotta remember to save enough to actually purchase things with honor...

Anonymous said...

Nitpick @Eartho:

The Moonglade dungeon pieces are definitely NOT for feral druids.

I do like that they added these pvp pieces though. My rogue does not need any of them as he outgears them, but it's great that they are available. I'll likely pickup a bunch of them once my hunter alt hits 70.

Anonymous said...

@Nitpicky McGovern

Moonglade is a crap altogether. The only spec that it would be ideal for is a Resto-Feral Hybrid Offhealer. Offanythings don't work in Burning Crusade.

Restos I ran with went for cloth with more +heal and the Ferals ninja'd rogue loot. Moonglade was cosmetic.

Anonymous said...

Glad we agree that they aren't for ferals then. :)

I've never spec'd resto, but with my feral druid I've only picked up moonglade pieces to throw in the bank to join the rest of my crappy healsuit I never use as they would have otherwise been sharded.

Once again though, I think it's a great idea including the pvp rep gear for alts or newer players that could really make use of them. This was a really good thing for Blizzard to do imo.

A good starter set as it were provides an entryway for new pvp'ers so they may not get completely annihilated by veteran geared players in the process and maybe enjoy things a bit more.