Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Night Drunken Gratzifying

Th' keg's right over there. Help yerselfsh.

Thing is, there's a buncha you buggersh in the WoW-blogoland what done something noteworthy this week. Maybe I's left a congo rats comment on yer blog, maybe I ain't. Either way, yer getting a shoutout here and now, whether ya wants it or not. So sit down and take it like a man. Or a woman. Or a tree. ...hic!

First of alls, I tip me hat to Jeshsika and Kererererederia of the Left Claw. They's little guild of casuals done climbed the hill to get to Kara, doing fer Attumen and his donkey, and leaving an "I'll be back" calling card with Mr. Moroes. That hill may look smallish if yer looking back from TK or BT, but having come out've a small casual small guild meself I knows just how easy it be fer yer friendsh ta say "That'sh a big hill up ahead. Dude, screw that ...hic!" and then things all go to kerflubble. So yay on them.

Next up is me long-time friend Hydra, who participated in her guild's first-time ever downing of Magitherawhateversh. The big demon what drops the Tier 4 cheshtgear ... hic!. Apparently he were scheduled to get a nerfbat in 2.4 (unlike the trees he didn't have an organized grassroots protest working for him) and sho Monday were they's last chance to do it full monty. And they pulled it off, then RP'd the quest turn in and everything. Double yay on them fer the RP.

Doom! DooooOOOOOOoooooom! Bugger's gettin' hitched tomorrow. Grats, man! You should do one of them live-blog-feed thingsh, updates every ten minutes or so.

The Egotisticalacious Priest get hersself a new domain and is rolling Horde ... hic! Big changes. Lucks with all them endeavorsh. But no, Ego, I still ain't licking yer raptor to shee if it's watermellon flavor. Not enough beer in the world fer that...

TJ done did her second BlogTV preshentation ... event ... posting ... whatevers. It were the second one, and this time it came off with no surprise anatomy of any short. The next day it turned out there was an inappropriate amount of sideboobage, but this were not videographed, as far as I know...hic!

And BRK got kinda grumpified, but then he got hisshelf outta it. And he didn't get nobodiesh killed er nuthin'. So yay in him ... hic!

Sho, them's me grats fer tonight ...hic! If you did shumthin' with awesome sauce thish week and I missed it, be shure ta lets me know.

Ooh, I almost forgots. While I won't say she goes so far ash to put the romance back in necromancy, Dead Rabbit done did bring out the sexy in a half-decayed, room-temperature corpshe of a body. Sho yay on her fer laying it on the line there ... hic!


Anonymous said...

Our guild had a milestone reached on Thursday when we downed Moroes in about 3.5 minutes. He usually takes us longer, but we were in a serious farm mode (clearing trash like nothing, and the pulls never stopped) and racing the server restart countdown. One loot got mis-given, and the other was lost in the reset, but we're all very proud of such a fast down on him.

Then just last night/this morning, we officially killed Nightbane with only one wipe. Round Table Raiders of Suramar/Alliance has officially cleared Kara! Not that bad for a casual guild. :)


Ratshag said...

@Xanth - Excellent! Yay on RTR!

Anonymous said...

Our guild cleared up to Prince on Sat night/Sun morning. I was quite pleased considering how many different group setups we'd had all the way through Kara

Ratshag said...

Is gratz to Shonvar and his guild!

Carolina Blue Dreams said...

LOL. Thanks Ratshag!

Pilar Stewart said...

Hey thanks Ratshag, *grin* .... late night skinny dipping in Origrimmar and pictures were taken.

Anonymous said... nelfy ears be a twitchin! Thanks Ratshaggy.