Monday, March 24, 2008

Is Like Strip Poker, Only You Start Naked and Dance with Mr Smite

Bellweather over at 4 Haelz done posted a fun activity what you can do if yer wanting a break from raiding or BGs or whichever. Simple description is ya runs Deadmines, starting nekkid and equipping what ya can from drops. Whoever has the most clothes at the end be the winner (and probablies the silliest looking). Go reads her post fer more details.

I has so got to smack me friends around until they agree to try this.


Gauntlet said...


Although some of my guild has a habit of running Molten Core with <15 70s, and whenever old-school epix drop, everybody who can use them needs them and has to equip them, so their effectiveness decreases throughout the run.

Bell said...

:D I'm so glad you liked it! Be warned, though, I'm expecting screenshots of your bum in your tidey-whities, or hopefully some frapsing. Get to it, orc!