Friday, May 28, 2010

Is Much Better

Picked this shield up in Naxx last night. While technically a sidegrade from me old crafted one, I likes it better fer two reasons. Number the One is, less itemization into Defense, which I got an excess of. Instead is got more Strength and block value fer the slammings. Number the Two is, is got a skull and horns and spikes all over. Is fuhggin' sweet. Ain't had a shield this good lookin' since me old Netherwing Protector.

And oh yeah, we cleared out the Construct Wing last night. Yer back is secure, Ice Cream Cone raiders!


Cathy said...

I, for one, feel safer knowing you have my back. Wait, no I don't *turning around* ewwwww...creepy

Hydra said...

Congrats The Purge on getting the wing down!