Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vyprania's Story: Do You Hear Me?

Do you hear me, Arthas? Do you hear the screams in my head? Screams for blood, for vengeance, for justice? Do you hear my boots climbing your stairs? Do you hear the footsteps of my companions? Not that useless frill Jaina and some sacrificial lambs, but the members of The Left Claw - veterans of Karazhan and Naxxramas and Ulduar. We are coming for you, Arthas! Do you hear me?
Do you hear the crunching of the bones, as we walk across the remains of the monstrosity you named "Lord Marrowgar"? Did you hear the wind howl as he spun, trying in vain to strike us? Did you hear the rattle as he collapsed, the energies that held him together drained?

Do you hear your doom approaching?
Did you hear the wail of your lich bitch Lady Deathwhisper as we cut through her minions and smashed her shields? Did you hear the crash as we shattered the crystal sphere she retreated into as her life force drained away?

Do you hear the voices in my head shouting in triumph? They are so very loud, Arthas.
Did you hear the sad wail as we struck down the young Orc? I remember fighting at his side at the Wrathgate, and I took no pleasure in his death. But you enslaved him as you once enslaved me, and so it was necessary that he die one last time.

You will enslave no more souls, Arthas! Do you hear me?
Do you hear us coming, Arthas? Do you hear your minions dying, your defenses cracking? Do you hear my voices, beating inside my head, demanding an end to it? They are louder than ever, Arthas! Do they not deafen you, as they do me?

We are coming for you, Arthas! You have brought pain and misery to everything you touch, but your time is nearly at an end. Soon you will leave this world, and never return. And then, my the Light you once served have mercy on your soul, for I never will.

Do you hear me?

I never will!


Kayeri said...

:;waiting for the next report:: :)

Keredria said...

Hooray Vyp! :)

Angelya said...

Chilling stuff...

Good luck and godspeed Vyp!

Armond said...

Yeah, Vyp's my favorite of the team.

Thrornir said...

She's definitely working herself into a frenzy. I think when she gets a chance at Arthas' face, she won't leave behind enough for a ghoul to feast on.

devotchka said...


InBetula said...

Wonderful... although is a bit repetitive, it still carries a nice feeling to it through the lines. You really made me want to kill the bloody bastard. ^^