Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Too Sexy For His Saronite

So Maurice, the Death Knight of Looove, done wants ta get his enchanting skills up so as to be ables ta DE stuff what be tougher than Northrend gear. I's thinking he done slipped a cog or three, fer everyone knows ain't nuthin better than the Northrend drops. But whatevers; is his life. Or unlife.

But the trainers won't talks ta him no mores unless he got some more miles under his feet and notches in his bedpost, so this weekend he left the comforts of making the ladies swoon as he stands next ta the Stormwind mailbox, and headed off fer Outland. Is still some good guys there what be willing ta pay ya fer killing bad guys, so he was ables ta bust some heads and season up a bit.

And alongs the way, he done picked up this truly dashing clown outfit. Yeah, that'll definitely bring the ladies ta the yard.

1 comment:

lesleykajira said...

Squeeee! Go Maurice! Real men aren't afraid to wear pink!