Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cheevement Spam

We was a little short handed last week, on accounts of baseball games and critical meetings and Lady Jess' dog feeling peckish and eatin' her authenticator. So instead of suckin' down some more of Mr Grobbulus' Special Brew, we put on our finest and went ta the opera.

Now, Zinzi'd done run Kara back in the day, and I'd done it plenties in me dwarf disguise, but fer most of us it were the first time gettin' past Curator where we'd done got hung up over a year ago. So when we persuaded Prince Melawhateversthefuhg ta take a dirt nap, the cheevement spam did flow copious-like.

Weren't like the old days. Shade, that lazy glubberflugger, went and died before casting Flame Wreath even once, so nobody got ta move and blow up the raid. And Netherspite? "Um, if ya see a beam, go ahead and stand in it" were the strat I gave'em. Chess, though, that were a bitch. Took us three tries fer ta get the hang of it with six buggers. But we did, then went and paid Prince a visit, and that were that.

Is the obligatories money shot:

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Aoirselvar said...

I miss the good old Kara days. /sigh