Friday, May 21, 2010

Is Tier 4 Night The Second

A little short of folks again this week, so we went retro again. High King Maulgar and his all-ogre oompah band gave us a little trouble while we figgered out which bugger ta put on what flubbernugger. But once we got the fears and the bunnifying and the firebolting under controls, taking the king down weren't no biggy. Then it were time.


And as always, bigger they is, the harder they falls. The Purge - Dragonkillerkillers.

Since we had us some time still, we figures - hey! Let's go rid Illidan of his supply of Fel Orcs once and for all! We'll be heroes! Well, okies, yeah, Illidan's been dead fer years and them fel orcs is long gone, but time moves in funny loops in these dungeons, ya know. Anywho, we go pokin' our noses inta the Hellfire Citadel, down in the basement where me dad and uncles played "Toss the peon's head through the hoop" back in the old days, and sure enough there's old Maggy, not dead and pumpin' out the blood. We kill the warlocks holdin' him in, and has us a pit boss party.

Picked me up some old-school chest and shoulder armor in Shat after it were over. Stuff still looks pretty good, don't it?


Skraps said...

I would love to go back to some of these BC raids. Mostly cause BC raids ware my first "serious" raids. I did some casual raiding in classic, but oh the days of SSC and TK.

Hydra said...

Yes!!! See no more people yelling at peoples "CLICK NOW CLICK CLICK CLICK!... But be sure you only CLICK once."

Congrats on the guild Mags kill!