Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hard To Stop Once Ya Starts

Hey, Unsup, Zeenaa, wanna go see if Mr. Attumen has a pony fer us?

Well, no pony. Zeen, you wanna ask Mr. Moroes if her got a Mongoose for ya?

Yay Mongoose. Let's go see if the Maiden has some hooch and seegars she'll share.

Were one thing after another, and when we was done the big ol' Kara McMansion were cleared again. Picked up two more pieces of Warbringer and a King's Defender. Is a good thing weren't no mages in the party fer ta roll against me fer it. Was so fun gettin' all this retro tanking gear, I went and hopped over ta Shatt and picked up a badger shield ta go with.

Damn, I looks good.


Cathy said...

Awwww I would love to get that mount from Attumen. My old guildie got that mount when we ran Kara. I was sooo jealous every time I saw her. I think it is such a beautiful mount.

I'll have to make the effort to get down there once a week to try for it:)

Good luck dear:)

Unsuptail said...

Chess was a nightmare, just the 3 of us...

Still, was fun.