Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is Where Danger Mouse Answers Vyprania's Questions

Yeah, Legss, they're annoying, but you gotta take the little brats around anyway. Show them Undercity and Ratchet and all those other lovely tourist hotpssotsss.

Becausse you get Horde reputation, that's why. Isn't an excuse to not jousst for a day enough?

Fine, whatever, Alliance reputation. It's sstill reputation.

And you get petsss, Legs. Like a rat, which you can sshow to prissy little paladin girlss and make them shriek.

Well, no, not yet. But next time I'm sslipping him into her underwear drawer. That's jussst gotta work. Don't you think?

No, you're not allowed to kill your orphan and eat his brainss. You lose all your rep, and they won't give you a fressh one after.

But I know you were thinking it! You're just as undead as me, except for well, you know, the flesh falling off your boness and stuff.

Well, yeah, and that too.

All right, you go do yourss and I'll do mine. See you in an hour or sso. Embrace the Shadow, Legs.

You think maybe after Rattersss'll let us eat one of his?

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Kayeri said...

I love Danger Mouse, she is such a practical creature... :)