Sunday, May 2, 2010

Have Ya Ever...

... gotten the sense what some serious fuggery is abouts ta go down, and if ya could get in on it, you could strike a good blow fer the side of good. Or the side of lesser evil. Or the side of thems what pays you. If only you could. Get. Off. The. Glubbernuggin'. Wyvern!


Armond said...

It'd be really cool if wyverns had dismount buttons. Of course, the rides would have to cost more, since people would demand parachutes to go with it.

Cap'n John said...

I missed the reference and had to Google Loken and WoW! Kristanna Loken is...oh? Wrong Loken? Yeah, the Titan 'Loken' does make more sense.

Joking aside here's a WoW Tip you won't see on the Loading Screen: If you're flying from Point A to Point B and you're passing through Zone X and decide you need to get off...just Logout and log back in again. If your taxi (Wyvern, Gryphon, etc.) is far enough away from but still heading towards Zone X's Flight Point you'll now land there instead of flying onwards to Point B.

If you're already very close to Zone X's Flight Point this may not work. You'll fly past as you would have done, but now you might find yourself landing at Zone Y's Flight Point.

Skraps said...

@ Cap'n John

You have to be more than 20 seconds away from flight point X. Because when you logout inn the wilds, you are still in game for 20 seconds.

Toque said...

It could have been worse, you could have seen the time lost proto drake.

Cap'n John said...

Skraps, is that how it works?

I've logged out before while heading into Stormwind, en route to somewhere else, only to log back in and watch my Gryphon do the loop and continue its journey. Do you really need to logout at least 20 seconds out from a Flight Point though? I was pretty sure I'd logged out closer to FPs than that and had this work.

I think this requires additional testing, perhaps flying between Lakeshire & Sentinel Hill, or Orgrimmar and Camp Taurajo on Horde, and see how close you can get to Stormwind or the Crossroads before the in-flight logging out trick doesn't work.