Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wait, Where We Going?

I hates not being prepared. I really does. So I was set fer last night's run at Lady the Skanky Ho Vashj. Had me Flasks of Pure Death, me Super-Duper Wizard Oil fer to keep me shaft greased, me Cajun-style Basilisk Nuggets. And I'd gone back and reviewed what'd gone down last week, so's I could learn and be more effective this time around.

Except, no, wait. Change of plans, due to who's coming and who ain't. Issues with Red-Winged Penguins or sumthin'. Anywho, we's gonna go fer everybody in SSC what ain't Her Fishiness. Bugger. That's three bosses what I ain't never seen before, and I only gots a few hours ta learn about 'em. Quick- read the strats. Watch a couple videos. Do what I cans ta prepare.

No, no, no wait. We ain't a coupla the key duggermunkers what be needed fer some of them SSC bosses. So we're going to Tempest Keep. Right now. Oh, bugger. I don't know nuthin's about these fights. Shoot, I ain't even got the freakin' flight path. Oh wells. Gots to do me best, listen to instructions, keep me eyes open. Don't stand in the flames. All that good stuff.

So. Quick rundown of what I saw:

Miss Solarian, there, she's one of them "easy, but if you don't do the right thing at the right time, you wipe the raid" fights. No pressure or nuthin'. And of course, when the time came fer me to run away, I goes the wrong way and nearly wipes the raid. Realized I'd buggered it when I hear Cay squeaking "Oh, no, no, no, no ..." Fortunatelies, it weren't as bad as it coulda been, it didn't 'cause a wipe, and everyones had a good laugh at me after. Which were fair. But I's gonna have to do some studying on this so's I learn what I should do better next time.

After it were over, some of the loot what turned up were the lady's trousers, which were kinda weird, considerings how she'd done transmogrified inta a voidwalker, what ain't got no legs. But there they was, a small but definite upgrade fer me. So I put in a minimum bid (which were still half of me DKP accumulation), and since nobody else were wanting them I gots. Wewt.


Khol Drake said...

Good job and gratz, dworc!

Anonymous said...

Gratz man. As long you were able to absorb enough to not cause a wipe ya did good

Dezdemone said...

Grats Ratter! I know what you mean about wanting to be prepared =) Sounds like you did well considering.

Stephi said...

Hehe, you did awesome Rats.

Pay no attention to the four corpses around you >.>


Bell said...

Grats Rats!

Kat said...

You at least helped bring back the dead. Right? =)

Euripedes said...

But wiping the raid on Solarian is fun!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I really enjoy a look at higher end raiding from someone just coming in to it.

Gratz! And have fun.