Friday, June 27, 2008

BA Chatroom Sillies

[11:12] Leafy: OK. Do I want to scroll back up to find out who is sexual-preformance challenged?
[11:12] Ratshag: is not me
[11:12] TJ: that's what SHE said!
[11:12] TJ: .... wait
[11:13] TJ: I think I messed that line up.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I should join this BA chat.

And Happy Birthday!
*throws boxers at Ratshag*


*retracts throwing boxers at Ratshag*

Noobiewan said...

Maybe TJ, maybe not..who can say.

Happy Birthday Ratshag :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Ratshag! >.> Marry me? *scampers off*

twww said...

Many happy returns of the day Ratshag!!

Auzara said...


I provide you with this [Sporeling Snack]

Stuntyone said...

Happy birthday ratters :)

Dezdemone said...

I've got to get off my lazy butt and start logging in there *insert whiney rant about how hard it is to raid and read BA chat* LOL j/k

Oh and.. HAPPY BDAY!!!

Pike said...


I went to BA chat once. Rats was not there. =( I also went to Drenden once, Rats was not there. One day I will catch ya though! =P

Also, happy birthday! *confetti*

Rayare said...

Happy belated Birthday, Rats!