Sunday, June 1, 2008

Melting Faces in AV

So, I ain't done a lot of PvPing as a dworc. 'Cause, well, I had plenty else on me plate. But if I wants ta go to Mount Hyjal I needs me a PvP trinket, preferably the 2-minute one. So off to AV I goes. Well first I stopped at some quartermasters and picked up a few pieces of Satin Battlegear, so's to have some resilience and more health. Then I went to AV.

Holy freak I does a lot of damage. Shadow Word: Pain on every bugger what moves adds up after a bit. Throw in some Mind Blasts and some Mind Flays, and I's near the top of the damage table if I focus on pure O or pure D. Course, lotta times I ends up holding a graveyard or tower until it caps, 'cause it's gotta be done and most other fupperglunkers cain't be bothered, and that downtime cuts inta me total damage. But still, I's rockin' the house. And that be pretty fun. Imagine what I'd be capable of if'n I had serious PvP gear. So after a few days in AV, with some Eye of the Storm thrown in fer variety, I gots me trinket. Rage Winterchill, here I comes.

Oh, and just fer funs, here's a conversation I had with a sunny-side-seeing bugger hanging out at the battlemasters in Shatt yesterday.


Euripedes said...

Holy crud horde got locked out.

Glad I'm not on that battlegroup >.<

Grats on not sucking! :p

Anonymous said...

Wow I did not realize the honor needed for that trinket had went down. I need to go get that one now for arenas.

Though I'm curious now about how a tie would occur in a BG

Capn John said...

It would be possible, but very unlikely to tie a BG, AV specifically IF both sides were down to 1 reinforcement, and a member of each side got killed at exactly the same time, reducing both teams to 0 reinforcements at exactly the same time.

WSG: Impossible to tie, for obvious reasons.

AB & EotS: Possible (but very unlikely) to tie, if both teams reached the final score at exactly the same time.

But what it all comes down to, just like Master Yoda used to say, "There is no tie, only do."

Beth said...

Actually one of my guildmates got a tie in Eye the other day (
Mr. Ratshag - I greatly enjoy your blog, enjoyed the new update from Pali and may I suggest that the girls go and take down the Pimp as a way of bonding. Might even get a public reward, since so many people today have resorted to vigilante-ism...I mean, adventuring.

Beth said...

Drat, cut off the link.