Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is Where Phoenicia Shows Off Her New Outfit to Arugal

'Allo there! This is Phoenicia, with another story of mah adventures with the Eternal Covenant.

The Boss knew I was going to be tanking tonight, so he sent me some new armor. "Grunt's Legguards of the Moonkey, with Clefthide Leg Armor." Well, ah put them on, and I said to mahself, this must be some sorta joke. Ah mean, the name alone is in poor taste, but how're t'ese skimpy t'ings gonna protect mah legs? Ah, well. It's a good thing I've got such lovely legs, for I probably won't replace these until I can wear plate!

Ooh-hoo-hwah! Ooh-hoo-hwah-hah!

We only had four of us last night: Xan the hunter, Babbit the wee mage, Rhanne the druid, and mahself. We'd heard rumors of bad goings on over in Shadowfang Keep, though, and since apparently the Whordies weren't able ta handle t'emselves we figured we'd best go see to it ourselves.

And see to it we did. Even though we were short-handed, we cleared the place out in just over two hours. With Rhanne on healing, we didn't even have a serious injury, let alone a death. And everboody got at least one blue item. Mahself, I picked up the Commander's Crest shield, and the Butcher's Slicer. Afterwards, we went back ta Southshore and had a few pints, and I found mahself a pleasant diversion. But since I'm not certain members of this blog, I dinna kiss and tell - you'll just have ta use yuir imagination!

And since I've passed mah 20th season, I've been trained in dual-wielding. I guess this week I'm more of a mace-and-sword loving dwarf chick. Ooh-hoo-hwah! Ooh-hoo-hwah-hah!


Eleanor said...

Were we separated at birth, or something?

Anonymous said...

Don't get frostbite out there with what little your armor is covering

Andy C. said...

And to your boss, the great Ratshag, Happy Birfday!