Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is Where Ellspeth Meets Hogger

Hello everyone! This is Ellspeth, the pretty warlock from Team Ratshag. The other day my bff Suptail was admiring the festival outfit Alayda had picked up, so I said why don't we go honor some flames ourselves? I suggested to the Festival Talespinner that we could really honor the flames if we used them to set the nearby tents on fire, and maybe I could Immolate some of the celebrants, but she said, no, that wasn't necessary.

We ran all over Azeroth, honoring Horde fires and putting out Alliance ones, and picking up flight paths. Look! It's Karazhan! Ratters tells me it's full of lost souls and wandering spirits and other tormented types. And they put on an opera performance every week, and you get to kill the actors. It all sounds so exciting!

So, we had just put out the fire in Goldshire when we saw these little human kids running by, enjoying the summer day without a care in the world. And they were so beautiful and innocent I just had to suck one of their souls out through the eye sockets, to add to my collection of favorites. But Suptail said no, we had to get their parents' permission first. Phooey!

Well, to work off some frustration I went and found Hogger, and started smacking that gnoll up one side of the head and down the other with my staff. And then I felt a lot better.

And before too long we each had one-hundred burning blossoms to turn in. And we each got our rainment. There was a mix-up at first, where I got hers by mistake and when I put it on it was hanging way to low and you could see everything, and this troll teenager started to point and laugh at me. So I shadowbolted him a few times, and then he stopped. And Suptail and I switched outfits, and everything fit much better.

Don't we look HOT?



Rarespawn! said...

Hey Rat, did you ever play on a roleplaying site called Hollow, by any chance? When I used to visit there someone had a character with the same name as your warlock, so I was curious. :)

Khol Drake said...


Anonymous said...

What about Heroic Hogger? I hear he's so bad that he whoops on lvl 70 characters left and right.