Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Is Where Alayda Gets Fired Up

'ello mon! This be Alayda, da Team's shaman. I'm still living wit' dat silly girl DangerMouse, keeping her supplied with leather and metals so she can make her gear, and helpin' her find her daggers so she can go do dat killin' in de Gulch. And in return I help her eat dem cookies she likes ta bake. Mon, she put some serious mojo into dem, dey's amazingly delicious. You take it from Alayda, chile, ain't nobody bakes like da Mouse. And lately we had us a guest, dat druid Palintera. I know, mon, she's an elf and we're supposed to be "For da Horde" and all, but da poor girl be having romance problems and needed to get away from it for a bit. I offered to go get her her a love potion from da witch doctor, straighten everything up right quick, but she said no, she wanted to solve it her way. Elves, mon, what ya gonna do? You got one more week dere, Pali, den I gonna throw you into da stewpot!


Well, mon, dis here be da Midsummer Festival, and I do like to get festive. So I been travelling around, honoring da fires of da Horde, and putting out da fires of da Alliance. Some folks ask, how do you put out a bonfire so fast? Well, I'm a shaman - I just throw down my water totem. How you do it mon is between you and whatever water you carrying. ;)

But first, mon, I buff up at da ribbon pole in Orgrimmar before I head out, just to get into da spirit.

Now, dere ain't too many Alliance fires easy for a shaman in her 23rd season to get to. But I put on my ghost wolf form and started running south from Hammerfall. I hit da ones by Menethil, Thelsamar, and Kharanos. Dem dwarf guards, dey didn't like me runnin' t'rough their tunnels, mon, but I'm just too damn fast for dem to catch!

After I put out the fire in Kharanar, I paused to dance wit' de fire keeper dere, to show I meant no real harm. Dat lasted a couple of minutes, til a guard showed up and chased me off again.

But back in Orgrimmar, I turned in my burning blossoms for a Vestment of Summer dress. Mon, I love how it makes my hands flame up when I dance! I feel real close to da fire spirits, I tell you.

So, dat's what I've been up to. Spirits be wit' you, mon!


sonvar said...

I need to go take out some Horde fire myself. mwhahahahahahahahahaha......ha?

sonvar said...

Oh and you shouldn't worry too much about those dwarf guards they're more gruff then they are tough at times.