Sunday, June 15, 2008

Going to Kara With The Left Claw

Did sumthin' new this weekend. Instead of goin' on a guild badge run, I hooked up with me blogging friends Jessika and Keredria from the guild The Left Claw. They was a few buggers short this week, and were kind enoughs ta throw me an invite fer one of the slots. Course, K's motives were less than pure - they's already got one shadow priest in they's crew, but them casters, they just cain't get enough of that naughty Vampiric Touching and the Mana! Mana!.

While we was organizing outside the gates, looky who I ran into. Is me friend Squeake, brand new shiny 70th season warrior, getting ready to tank on her first trip to Kara. She's from Team ... uh ... MaryPearl? MarriedEarl? Bugger, I can't be bothered ta remember the details. Anywho. Go go Squeake!

Before long we had our group together, and in we went. And it didn't take me long to bugger up. We get to Attumen's horsie, and I let loose way too fast fer the tank. Horsie says "Tank? I don't see any tanks. I see a SQUISHY!" And then I got a turn to tank it, and, well, you can guess how well that worked out. Note to self: tanks still working on getting Kara gear, no matter how on top of they's game they is, ain't as threatening as ones wearing T5 gear. So I throttled it down a bit and, while I ran a lot closer to the edge than I have before, I's pretty sure I didn't pull aggro again fer the night.

Moroes done were terribly clumsy, the Maiden gave up her Virtue, and the Curator decided what maybe our hall passes was all in order after all. The Big Bad Wolf hates me arse though - once again, he gave me the squealy little girl treatment rightat the start of the fight and nailed me before I made three steps. Note to self: stand far, far back from the wolf next time.

And then we was at Shade. Jess gave us our's orders, and we listened up like good little raiders. And we went in, and we wiped at 30%. And we picked ourselves up, and dusted us offs, and went back in. And wiped at 30% again. And we regrouped, and agreed what this were gonna be the last fight fer the night, win or lose. So in we go, and we burned that crazy dead subberthupper's arse down.

And that were that. Picked up a dozen or so badges, got to know some new folks, and had me a damn fun time. Not a bad way ta spend Saturday night.


Grimmtooth said...

Yeah, that Aran is a real pain. I hear he's no court jester, and has a few powers of his own. Fortunately, that nightmare is over.

Anonymous said...

Heh heh. Show me where the shadow priest touched you Mr. Curator.

I was off-tanking (badly too -- it's still a new experience for me) but I accidentally grabbed aggro from the MT on Curator. I thought I would slack-off a bit and let the MT pick him back up but I didn't because I saw Ratshag at #2 on Omen. WTH? That's some SW:P! Must be the Dwarven accent.

Keredria said...

Oh Ratters... you always keep me satisfied. ;)

Jess and I feel violated... who knew our words were being captured? Hmmm well I shall return the favor on my blog tomorrow... you and Jess were being photographed by the tree as well!

Townes said...

Heh. Welcome to MY world, where raiders are casual, Aran usually kills us all, and hopes of seeing most of that nifty endgame content are pretty slim. But, as my wife says, the person who has the most fun wins, not the person with the best clothes. :)

Anonymous said...

Was Shade just focused on decimating the healers or what that he caused ya to wipe twice? Or was it a matter of not enough interrupts?