Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Universe is Talking to Me

Ratter, that's crazy talk. The Universe is not talking to you.

No, seriously, man. It is.

You're just a simple orc. Why would the Universe bother talking to you?

Well, fer one thing, it be very impressed by me awesome virility.

Mmmmm..... okay. You got a point there.

And fer another, who the fuhg else does it got to talk to? Kestrel? Pffftf.

Okay, fine. The Universe is talking to Ratshag. So what is it saying to you?

It's sayin' it wants me ta stay shadow spec.

I thought you wanted to go holy?

No, I wants ta raid. Fer a while it looked like holy were the way to go, but the Universe done changed its mind and is telling me ta embracify the Shadow. Lemme lay it outs fer ya:

I go to Kara, and five dps epics drop fer me, and only one healy epic.

BRK wants me to be shadow, so I can be his mana battery.

TJ agrees with the short little bugger, 'cause she wants to drop some Curse of Shadow action and totally rock the house.

Ego done transferred to Drenden and totally ninja'd the healy raid slot I had me eye on.

So, there it be. The Universe done told me to stay shadow. So that's what I'm gonna do. I checked with teh Squeakie, and she says she's cool with it. Gonna hang onta me healie gear, ya know, in case. But Ratter's gonna commit hisself ta being a brutal shadowy priest of darkness. 'Cause that's how the universe wants it.


Althoran said...

Grats Ratshag, AC is lucky to have you.

Bell said...

The Universe is a pushy bugger, ain't it?

Do your thang, Ratter :)

Anonymous said...

As both a raid healer and tank I support the 'verse's choice. Last Kara we had 3 shadow priests in the group with myself and the other healer. I ended the prince fight with 75% mana, no potions used, mana tide with no cooldown on it yet.

And if I were tanking Prince I would have been mighty happy that my healers had so much mana to spare. :)

Lady Jess said...

Shadow is truly the awesome! i haven't regretted my change in the least! I still keep full healing gear, cuz every once in a while ya get called on to do that in a run but shadow is so much fun:)

Kat said...

That is fantastic! It is always good to listen to these things.

Rabbit Stew said...

Phew....its nifty when the universe talks to you and asks you to do something cool.

I mean what if the universe had been in a capricious mood and had told you to not raid but just work on herbalism? or that nightelfs were more virile than orcs? or....well the universe can go to crazy places.

Trollin' said...

It obviously had nothing to do with the Shadow Priest Mafia threatening a little concrete sneaker action over wasting a Rittsyn's.

TJ said...

That wasn't the universe, I was playing with my new megaphone.

I really think a megaphone enhances me in all the best ways.

Khol Drake said...

Hey, when the Universe (or TJ, as the case may be) speaks, it's a good idea to listen.

Asara Dragoness said...

Meltifying the faces is always good. My little priesty was going to be holy as well, I even got her most of the way to 40 that way. But I has embraced the shadow.. and it is purply and good.

sonvar said...

Whatever works best for ya Ratshag. Though with all those gear drops it certainly would be hard to suggest otherwise

Griff said...

Once you go shadow...you'll never turn back.

Or at least, you'll try to quest for about 5 minutes and want to /wrists.

THEN you'll turn back to embracing the shadowz.

Kestrel said...

The universe talks to you, but not to me. The Internets talk to TJ, but not to me (of course, the way TJ talks to the internets may have something to do with it).

The wimmins all talk to you, but not to me.

I sense a conspiracy.

Jaegerbombz said...

Gotta go with what the universe is telling you. She is pushy as well as a vile temptres. She got me into kara at 68 and after a few runs provided me with more epic bounty than a resto shaman could have dreamed of. Too bad it took me a week to get to wear it. Now that I am 70 im nuttin bu a pretty moo cow in half epic druid gear tossing out laser beams.

Dezdemone said...

Shadow Priests are a blast, I went to the dark side just after BC came out (used to be a healer) and I haven't regretted it since. Plus having a toon with uber dps doesn't hurt when your other toon is a prot spec'd warrior.

Anonymous said...

The universe talks to me too. >.>

Conga Rats on all your shiny purples! I hope you get many more.

Anonymous said...

And like every dutiful spriest you have read all tactics, gear and theorycrafting threads at http://www.shadowpriest.com/
Ahh welcome to the world of shadow.
On the other hand, how does it feel to be BRKs personal mana battery?