Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dad Always Wanted Me to Be a Farmer

Ya see, he were a soldier, back in the first two wars. And ya know he were a good one, 'cause he were still alive at the end. But him and Ma and me two sisters got locked up in the Hammerfall Relocation and Detention Facility (is fancy was of saying concentration camp), which were where I was borned. And once they all got out and we went to Durotar, he said being a farmer were all an honest orc needed to aspires to. And he done tried to beat all me dreams of bein' a mighty hero outta me head. Obviouslies, that didn't work out too good fer him. Ya see, being a farmer is hard, dull work. Ya gots to put up with poor soil, arid conditions, and teenage quillboars getting blitzed on fermented centaur milk and sneakin' around at night fer some boar tipping. Is a pain.

So, first chance I had, I picked up an axe and hit the road. Never looked back. So, what is I doing now? Farming. Ain't that a kick in the tenders.

'Course, it ain't tubers er beans er wheatgerms I's farming. Naw, I's farming gold. 'Cause gold can then be used fer to buy primals and gems and enchanting mats, all of which I needs real bad these days ta get me priestie self up ta standards. Now, I's tried farming primals direct-like, but fer the most part I finds I'm better off running dailies fer the Dorkbabies and using the proceeds ta buy what I needs. And what is it I's needing these days? I so glad you asked.

Been working on me Frozen Shadoweave Robe. Gonna look real spiffy, and I just needs two more shadowcloth ta finish it. Get a guildie ta cut a couple Runed Living Rubies, and someone else to slap some Resto Mana Prime mojo on it, and I's good ger a long time there. Next up is gonna be a Belt of Blasting, fer which I already got one Nether Vortex and mebbe seven primal fires. So I's like halfway, give er take. Still gonna need a buncha gold ta finish it (plus more Runed Living Rubies), but it'll be a big upgrade over me Sash of Seal's Fate. And then I'll needs ta buy a ton of Fel Armament and Marks of Sargface ta get me Aldork rep up and get they's high power shoulder enchant. And then, I hopes, I can ease up on this bloody farming. Fer a while, anywho.


Delos (Dave) said...

WoWInsider just linked to, a site I didn't know even existed. You might want to check it out if you haven't. One thing that caught me off guard was that the 15 spirit enchant to chest was the best one for a raiding SP, which I think is what your little dwarfy is going to be (or is). I mention it because I see you're going for 6mp5. Check out this page

Khol Drake said...

To paraphrase your own words:

Farming is da poop.

Nibuca said...

Yer pappy'd be proud.


Wildhermit said...

Rats... No such thing as an end to farming.... It just goes on and on and on... there is always another harvest. :)

My little stalker is level 14... I passed my level 11 goal :)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh farming if ya got a happy tune while you do it it doesn't feel like any work at all.

Itsnoteasy said...

To paraphrase George Harrison:

It's gonna take money, a whole lot of spendin' money. It's gonna take patience and time. (Oo-oo-Ooh) To sew that, to sew that, to sew that, to sew, enchant it and gem that robe, Rat.

(I'm sorry; powers beyond my control forced me to do it!)