Sunday, May 11, 2008

Aquatic Adventures

Hello everyone! This is Palintera. May Elune bless you.

Last night my friend Feralicious (from Team Bell) and I went through the trials required of young druids before they can be trained in the art of aquatic form shapeshifting. It was really aexhilirating and fun-and-a-half and I'm so glad Feral waited for me so we could do it together. And just in case my mother is reading this, we were completely finished by 8:30 and went to sleep early under our own separate trees and rose before dawn to eat granola. Or whatever it is she thinks druids are supposed to do.

But, on with the story. We started out in Darnassus, then spelled over to Moonglade to talk to the trainer there. And he said no, no, you need to talk to Mister Bearwalker in Darnassus first. So back to Darnassus, then teleport to Moonglade again, and then off to Darkshore! Except oops, we needed to get a glowy thing out of the lake in Mooglade. So, back to Moonglade. Then, off to Darkshore! And we ran north up the coast to get the first half of the pendant we needed. Except we were heading south. Blah! Turn around! No, that's the road back into Auberdine. This way! This way, 'licious!

Okay, so maybe stopping off at the World's End Tavern before starting the night's work wasn't the best idea. But we got it sorted out, eventually, and then we were awesomesauce. We got the first half, and then traveled halfway around the world to Westfall so we could find the second half. While we were searching in the ocean, minding our own business, not looking for any trouble, 'cause we would never do that, for absolutely NO REASON AT ALL this elite shark, four levels higher than us, attacked! But we are totally awesome, and we so kicked its butt! Or tail. Whatever.
There's us, with dead Mister Shark. Yay!

After it was all done, we went back to Moonglade, where Mister Starblaze said "Great! Thank you! Now go back to Darnassus and talk to Mister Bearwalker again. Because even though I'm a druid trainer, I don't feel like training you." Argh. /frustrated Pali. But we went back and finally got trained on how to shapeshift into sea lions. And you know what? It is so amazing! We ran down to the lake in Darnassus, and had a great time playing in the water.

I am a fierce sea lion!

Wheeee!Swimming around the columns at super high speed!

Wait- Whu?
Oh my goddess! How did that picture get in there? 'licious, did you switch my pictures around? Oh, you are so going to get punished! WHERE DID WE LEAVE THOSE HANDCU-


Ummm.... hi?

You're still here?


Umm, that last picture? It is so not what it looks like. Nope. Not at all. We were just ... uh ... playing? Good clean innocent fun? Okay?


So... that's it. That's all there is. Bye bye!

oh please Elune don't let my mother see this


Bell said...

It was just a hug.

Anyone can see that.


Sonvar said...

ummm......sure I'll agree with Bell that it was just a hug. You need to cut down on the tavern visits before doing important missions though or it could go badly at some point. Still always annoyed me how much travelling you have to do for it. Them tauren Druids have even farther to go. But then again us hooved folk have got some good stamina.

Softi said...

A hug huh Bell? I'm pretty sure I had a 'hug' like that once... now I have a toddler to prove it :P

Khol Drake said...

Yes, the special kind of hug.

Show me on the doll where the naughty Bell touched you....

Townes said...

I love these stories. And am thinking that shark killed me back when my wife and I had two baby druids doing that quest. The last post almost made me want to go to RFC with an alliance toon. Hope you keep posting here!

Dezdemone said...

@ Softi - Only once? You poor thing! ;-)

Aboo said...

Couple weeks ago I was running Heroic Shattered Halls with a druid who would switch into cat form and "hug" anyone who died...

Talk about watching your aggro!

batgrl said...

Hey, where did you bump into that shark? I need to find one for a guild event and need something a tad easier than this one: