Friday, May 9, 2008

That Silly Bugger Matticus is at it Again

Playing 20 questions with any chubberdunker desparate fer attention enough ta sit downs with him. Bleh. Course, if yer inta that kinda thing, it be over here.


sonvar said...

Thanks again for the shout out. Makes me feel all validated and such. Silly reason to feel validated I know but you like to feel acknowledged for stuff ya do alot of.

Dezdemone said...

So you're a Pratchett fan too eh? It all begins to make sense =P

I just realized that I've been using the word "bugger" all day long. Pretty soon I am going to be talking like an orc IRL, everyone's going to wonder what the heck I'm on and they will really start to wonder when I say "ah nuthin, it's all Ratshag's fault"

Noobiewan said...

Great Q&A session there Ratshag.
I've been using the word Bugger for years, got it from my Dad. I also tend to use the word Git to describe people too, ever tried it out?

twww said...

Nice to get a little peek behind the awesome virility! Pratchett and Buffy? An orc after my own heart :)