Saturday, May 3, 2008

Is Race Day!

Hello, all you shaggy tauren buggers! Got yer hooves polished and greased?

Just wants ta go over a few details, answer a couple questions, and ask a favor.

That tasty piece of trollflesh there on the right is me friend Zinzi. She's gonna be manning the finish line. First person ta opens a trade window with her be the winner.

When ya gets on yer toon, /join RODB

Somebody asked me if it were okay to run through Dustwallow and take the boat from there. Bro, you do whatever ya thinks is gonna work. There is no required course. Ya wants to get there by swimming west from Desolace? Be my guest.

Going starkers is entirely optional. Some folks has got guilds and tabards organized, and one good thinking and generous fellah proposed making shirts in Sharvan's favorite color to hand out to racers. So we'll be handing out lavender mageweave shirts (some research by BRK turned up what purple were Sharvan's favorite color) while supplies last. If you'd like to donate some mageweave ta Erthshade on the Horde side or Athadon on the Alliance side, we could get even more made. And you'd be a damn fine bugger.

Has ya donated a buck over at BigRedKitty? Well, get on it, ya lazy flumperdugger.

Okay, that's what I got. Folks is already gathering in Mulgore, so feel free ta head over. See ya there!

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