Thursday, May 29, 2008

Orc Bathing Process

More silliness from the BlogAzeroth chatroom, just 'cause:

[16:40] Lady Jess: ya know what they say...ya can lead an orc to water, but ya can't make em bathe
[16:41] Ratshag: ya gots to shove 'em all the way in
[16:41] Lady Jess: and hold em under
[16:41] Ratshag: and shake thoroughly
[16:42] Lady Jess: and wear protective gear
[16:42] Ratshag: bring friends to help
[16:42] Lady Jess: clearly a 10 man objecive
[16:43] Lady Jess: 25 on a bad day
[16:43] Ratshag: 6 healers, minimum
[16:43] Lady Jess: 6 hunters to chain trap
[16:44] Lady Jess: or one BRK
[16:44] Lady Jess: and a TJ to keep everyone under control
[16:44] TemerityJane: RAWR!
[16:45] Lady Jess: and cookies...for after
[16:45] Ratshag: Mmmm
[16:46] Softi: cookies? who's got da cookies?
[16:46] Lady Jess: TJ has em
[16:46] Softi: TJ! Gief cookies!!!
[16:49] Lady Jess: there will be no giefing of cookies those are for controlling of the orc bathing process


Lady Jess said...

rofl...soon we'll be famous...or umm...infamous

Anonymous said...

Any pointers to the chatroom? I looked on BA and found mention of an AIM chatroom.. but it was empty.


Ratshag said...

@Nibuca - Ya, is blogazeroth room on AIM. Most likely to find peoples there during US daytime hours. Hopes ta see ya there sometime.

Anonymous said...

lol. Now whose is going to be in the group that finally bathes Ratshag?

Tiv said...

If Ratshag is irresistible to women in his unwashed state, what will happen when he's actually clean? I feel like this could be dangerous for everyone involved. Or perhaps it is musk (there's a phrase I would not have pictured myself ever typing) that makes him so alluring in the first place. I think more studying needs to be done before anyone tries to make Ratshag take a bath, where are those nutjobs protesting the operation of the Large Hadron Collider when you need them?

Softi said...

@Sonvar I'll do it... only for the cookies though... they said there'd be cookies!!

BA chat is too! much! fun! :D

Khol Drake said...

I like all my limbs where they are. Count me out. :D

Stuntyone said...

Need a tank?