Thursday, April 23, 2009

Odd Groups Go Ta The Left, Even Groups Go Ta The Right

Was way back, nearly two years ago, what I stood outside Onyxia's Lair and shouted me defiance at her. Was gonna be a long road fer ta gets there, but I knew I'd make it someday.

Last night, it finally happened. I led seven other members of The Purge inta that cave. And there she were, old Ony, larger than life and twice as nasty. She's been the terror of Kalimdor since before we orcs done got here, but tonight, that were all gonna end.

She were a tough old gall, I gives her that. Took us mebbe ten minutes fer ta wears her down, get her on the ground, and then finish her off. But in the end, she were no match fer me and me crew.
It were achievement spam and mostly useless epics galore. I did get me some smithing plans fer pally shoulders ('cause ya  never knows), and we let Tarsius the Younger take her head to Orgrimmar fer ta present it ta the Warchief.

Told ya we was comin' for ya, bitch.


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Aboo said...

It's much more fun the fewer people you have. :P

My son and I did this with a druid healer a few weeks ago. Loads of fun! :)

running amok amid the eggs screaming "-50 DKPS!!!!!"

Gauntlet said...

Still one of the things I want to experience in this game. Grats, Sir Shag.

Cap'n John said...

Kudos to you for the Achievement, but a big smack upside the head to Blizzard for not taking out Epics like the Mature Black Dragon Sinew. I assume the Petrified Leaf is also still in the game.

My two 2 bits? If you didn't get Rhok'delar at 60, pre-TBC, you don't deserve it now.

Nothing against you here, Ratters. This is all about Blizzard trivializing epic achievements from yesteryear.