Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Workin' On Number The Five, Too

Me little guild, The Purge, done been working our way all methodical-like through the dungeons of Norhtrend, making it a safer world fer them peaceful folks what pays us. We's now got seven of them deep dank holes cleared out - just the five toughest ta go.

Heres ya can see Bull, Me, Ix, and Mr. Hoof gettin' ready fer ta smash up a prison break in Violet Hold. We's waitin' on somebody ta join us. Probably were Tantria, 'cause ya know, that girl is slow.
Baby spice? What baby spice? /innocent

And then here we be in Gundrak, gettin' ready ta whup up on trolls, 'cause they does too good a job of fighting the Scourge. Makes sense, if ya don't think to hard. Fortunatelies, I's an expert on that. We gots the Death Nugget twins, Mog and Ix, Mr. Hoof, and Rim what blows buggers up.This week, it be Halls of Stone on the agenda. We's gonna party, play some Music wit Rocks In.


Misneach said...

Give 'em hell, Ratters.

Khol Drake said...

Nice Terry Prachett reference.